Capstone #6 – Final Presentation

Yesterday I presented my Capstone to the parents. It was such an exciting but nerve wracking experience. When I presented I messed with up a few times but it wasn’t such a big deal. Also, I learned so much from even talking in public. It taught me how to be loud and clear with my words. Before I presented my project I was so nervous and I thought that it would be completely terrifying but when I actually did it, it wasn’t that bad. Also, all this time working on this project and finally presenting was totally worth it. Before yesterday, I wasn’t even very confident in myself, but after talking in public it made me feel better about it and I was very relieved. I think that overall just saying that five minute presentation helped me to come over my stress about talking in public.

I learned so much during this project, not only about my topic but how to ask great questions and how to manage my time well. I think something that helped me during this project and helped everyone else is that I loved my topic. Because it had something to do  me and would help me in general. Since I studied Broadway Audition Preparation, and I want to be an actress when I am older, that would help me to know how to prepare for my own auditions. Overall, I loved doing this project and I learned so much about how to prepare for Broadway auditions.

Click on this video to see my entire presentation:

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