Breakout in Technology

A few weeks ago in Technology we did something called a breakout. A breakout is where there is a box, and there are three different kind of locks on it. The first lock that my team tried to figure out was the letter lock. On this lock we had to try to figure out a five letter word. Your probably thinking that there are a million different words that are five letters. So, Mr.Calvert hid clues around the room for us to find. The clues were like little things to read and there were clues inside of it. Also, there was a little separate box that had a lock on it, and inside that box was an important clue. My team opened the little box first and inside the box was a black light. There were invisible things written all over the room. So, we used the light to try to find clues. We found a sentence that really helped us out. After we opened two of the locks we still had to do one more. When we figured the last lock out the other team had already finished. This activity was really fun and I learned more about how to use clues, and actually turn them into something.  

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