In class we have been making switches out of cardboard to help turn on mini led lights in a circuit. We made them out of tinfoil, cardboard, straws, popsicle sticks, etc. When we made them, the goal was to touch two pieces of tinfoil to each other, and have the tin foil connected to a wire that was connected to a breadboard and then when they touched, it would turn on the led light. My first switch that I made was when there was a popsicle stick that had tin foil on it, and then in front there was a piece of cardboard on it so that if I put down the popsicle stick, then both of the pieces of tinfoil would touch. For my second switch I made a wheel tha on half of it had tinfoil, the wheel was connected to another piece of cardboard with a popsicle stick. The popsicle stick allowed the wheel to turn. I covered half of the square of cardboard that the wheel was on in tinfoil so that when I turned the wheel toward it the tinfoil would touch. For my last switch I made it so that two pieces of cardboard were standing up and a straw goes through both peices and then hanging on the straw is a popsicle stick covered in tinfoil. Underneath the popsicle stick is tinfoil so if I push the popsicle stick down, then it will touch the botttom that us covered in tinfoil.

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