Finishing Automata

Now that I’ve made my base i’m going to start cutting all of the materials for in the box to make it work. I had to cut two circles that were the same size. We used a scroll saw to cut them. A scroll saw is a really strong mini saw that can cut through […]

Starting an Automata

First of all let’s talk about what an Automata is. An automata is a machine that if you press a button or spin a wheel then something will happen. At the beginning Mr. Calvert made us come up with at least three ideas of what we want to make happen. I made six just in […]

Finishing off my flashlight

I have finally finished putting everything together for my flashlight. Now that I have it finished, I wanted to decorate. I made my flashlight pink with black on both caps. It looks really cool. Also, I was surprised on how well it worked. It was like an actual flashlight just not as bright because we […]