Starting an Automata

First of all let’s talk about what an Automata is. An automata is a machine that if you press a button or spin a wheel then something will happen. At the beginning Mr. Calvert made us come up with at least three ideas of what we want to make happen. I made six just in case. 😂 Anways, I decided to do the coolest one, Super Mario jumping up and down trying to hit the box above him. If any of you ever played Mario, you would know what I’m talking about. So, Mr. Calvert taught us how to make the base of the automata. We didn’t use any fancy material, all we used is cardboard, so we made a box but two of the sides were open so that we can make the things that have to go inside the box, go inside. Next, we had to make four right triangles and hot glue them to each side of the box to make it stand up and stay in a box shape. Now, we had our entire base for the automata. Make sure to read my next blog post about finishing the automata and all its excitement.

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