Technology Post #2

This week we started to work on our box project. Our goal is to build a successful box. We started planning out our boxes on paper. We had to draw a design and then show the measurements. I found that drawing the measurements was hard because I couldn’t imagine it in real life, and I was unsure of what was the length and what was the width. We also experimented using hand planers.          This is a hand planer:

We used these to smooth out the wood pieces. We were testing them out because we will be using them when we build the boxes. I found this hard because I used the smaller one that didn’t work as well. The bigger ones were easier because there was a bigger grip. Next we did pier design plan for the box. I drew on graph paper and then I used the form on Schoology to submit my wood order. This all went very well and I cant wait to get started building!

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