Technology Post #7

Today I went around my house to collect different materials. Some of the materials that I saw were cardboard, pencils, logs, paper, eraser, screwdriver. I bet if I used all of these things I could build something cool. It was also fun to go around my house because it gave me something to do and […]

Technology Post #6

Hi! I would just like to talk a little bit about how I have been feeing with the Corona Virus. I feel like its scary knowing that anyone could get sick if there not careful, and some people aren’t taking it seriously. We need to social distance if we want to go back to school, […]

Technology Post #5

A LOT of stuff has been happening lately. For example, we have to stay home for so long. It getting pretty boring. Also, we have to do E- Learning. The E- Learning isn’t much of a difference from usual times because we usually use iPads and use Schoology anyways. The problem is that EVERYONE is […]

Technology Post #4

Since we aren’t in school, I have been doing E- learning. And for my technology class, I have learned about types of wood and the parts of the tree. These things were very interesting. In my house, I found an old stump of a tree and I was able to see the lines and how […]

Week Three of Technology

For the third week of technology we cut wood and measured it. I was having trouble figuring out how to measure the wood correctly so that it would line up with the other pieces. I also had to cut the sides. I found that hard because I couldn’t imagine what it would look like in […]

Technology Post #2

This week we started to work on our box project. Our goal is to build a successful box. We started planning out our boxes on paper. We had to draw a design and then show the measurements. I found that drawing the measurements was hard because I couldn’t imagine it in real life, and I […]

Technology Post #1

Yesterday we did an activity that included working with nails, tools, and wood. There was a lot of screws that I used that were easier than others. I found that the long sharper screws worked better. I think that they worked better because they were sharper so it was easier to stab into the wood. […]

Finishing Automata

Now that I’ve made my base i’m going to start cutting all of the materials for in the box to make it work. I had to cut two circles that were the same size. We used a scroll saw to cut them. A scroll saw is a really strong mini saw that can cut through […]

Starting an Automata

First of all let’s talk about what an Automata is. An automata is a machine that if you press a button or spin a wheel then something will happen. At the beginning Mr. Calvert made us come up with at least three ideas of what we want to make happen. I made six just in […]

Finishing off my flashlight

I have finally finished putting everything together for my flashlight. Now that I have it finished, I wanted to decorate. I made my flashlight pink with black on both caps. It looks really cool. Also, I was surprised on how well it worked. It was like an actual flashlight just not as bright because we […]