Finishing Automata

Now that I’ve made my base i’m going to start cutting all of the materials for in the box to make it work. I had to cut two circles that were the same size. We used a scroll saw to cut them. A scroll saw is a really strong mini saw that can cut through […]

Starting an Automata

First of all let’s talk about what an Automata is. An automata is a machine that if you press a button or spin a wheel then something will happen. At the beginning Mr. Calvert made us come up with at least three ideas of what we want to make happen. I made six just in […]

Finishing off my flashlight

I have finally finished putting everything together for my flashlight. Now that I have it finished, I wanted to decorate. I made my flashlight pink with black on both caps. It looks really cool. Also, I was surprised on how well it worked. It was like an actual flashlight just not as bright because we […]


Now, I have started to drill my PVC pipe since I’ve finished my graph. I drilled a hole just on the top of the tube so that I can put my switch on there. Once I did that, then I had to drill a hole in the cap. Sadly, there wasn’t any caps left at […]

Flashlight Graph

So, now in class we learned about the event that happened over the summer when the soccer team in Thailand got stuck in the cave. We brought the problem of them not being a able to get out for a while into consideration. WE wondered how we can fix this problem. One of the main […]

EDU magnets

A while ago my teacher in Tech Mr. Calvert, introduced EDU magnets to the class. EDU magnets are a very strong type of magnet. While using these magnets one challenge was detach two EDU magnets from eachother. IT was really really hard but I found out strategies to detach them. I would but one on […]

Self driving car game

In class we watched a video on how to create a self driving car game. The game was pretty simple, but making it was a little hard. WE all had to put wires and alligator clips onto a breadboard with LED lights. Then, we had to get three of our switches and connect them to […]


In class we have been making switches out of cardboard to help turn on mini led lights in a circuit. We made them out of tinfoil, cardboard, straws, popsicle sticks, etc. When we made them, the goal was to touch two pieces of tinfoil to each other, and have the tin foil connected to a […]

Soldering People

This week in Technology we started doing a soldering project. Since it was all of our first times doing this, we just did simple people. We can make our person doing anything that we want it to do. My solder person was running. It was really fun doing this because it was interesting to see […]

Breakout in Technology

A few weeks ago in Technology we did something called a breakout. A breakout is where there is a box, and there are three different kind of locks on it. The first lock that my team tried to figure out was the letter lock. On this lock we had to try to figure out a […]