Technology Post #7

Today I went around my house to collect different materials. Some of the materials that I saw were cardboard, pencils, logs, paper, eraser, screwdriver. I bet if I used all of these things I could build something cool. It was also fun to go around my house because it gave me something to do and […]

Technology Post #5

A LOT of stuff has been happening lately. For example, we have to stay home for so long. It getting pretty boring. Also, we have to do E- Learning. The E- Learning isn’t much of a difference from usual times because we usually use iPads and use Schoology anyways. The problem is that EVERYONE is […]

Technology Post #2

This week we started to work on our box project. Our goal is to build a successful box. We started planning out our boxes on paper. We had to draw a design and then show the measurements. I found that drawing the measurements was hard because I couldn’t imagine it in real life, and I […]

Technology Post #1

Yesterday we did an activity that included working with nails, tools, and wood. There was a lot of screws that I used that were easier than others. I found that the long sharper screws worked better. I think that they worked better because they were sharper so it was easier to stab into the wood. […]