Capstone #6 – Final Presentation

Yesterday I presented my Capstone to the parents. It was such an exciting but nerve wracking experience. When I presented I messed with up a few times but it wasn’t such a big deal. Also, I learned so much from even talking in public. It taught me how to be loud and clear with my words. Before I presented my project I was so nervous and I thought that it would be completely terrifying but when I actually did it, it wasn’t that bad. Also, all this time working on this project and finally presenting was totally worth it. Before yesterday, I wasn’t even very confident in myself, but after talking in public it made me feel better about it and I was very relieved. I think that overall just saying that five minute presentation helped me to come over my stress about talking in public.

I learned so much during this project, not only about my topic but how to ask great questions and how to manage my time well. I think something that helped me during this project and helped everyone else is that I loved my topic. Because it had something to do  me and would help me in general. Since I studied Broadway Audition Preparation, and I want to be an actress when I am older, that would help me to know how to prepare for my own auditions. Overall, I loved doing this project and I learned so much about how to prepare for Broadway auditions.

Click on this video to see my entire presentation:

Capstone #5 – Answering Inquiry Question

I started this project off with a different topic. That topic was Broadway Casting. Since we had to come up with a main question (inquiry question) I had a different question than I do now. My first inquiry question was (What is the process that a casting director goes through to find the best person possible for a specific part?) I had to make a new question since now I have a different topic. My second question turned out to be (When someone goes to an audition, how do they prepare for it?) That question took a lot of time to answer because everyone has their own way of preparing for an audition. After doing a lot of research about it I found out the most common things people do for an audition and the most suggested things that you should do for an audition. In my research, one of the most common things to do to prepare for an audition that you may already know is warm up your voice. This is an overall warm up but everyone has there own way of warming up their voice. Also, I found in a lot of articles that exercising helps because you are warming up your body. That’s only some of my research about preparing for auditions.

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Capstone #3 – Site Visit

Part of the project is going to a place that is related to your topic. I went to a place called Ellen’s Stardust Diner. You may know this place because it is a very popular restaurant in New York City. This relates to my topic because the waiters there who aren’t having the greatest luck with their acting career perform their so they can one day be on Broadway.

My waitress really helped because she had been working there for a while and she knew a lot of things about the restaurant and how it has progressed over time. She told me that in the past two years, twenty seven of their waiters have made it to Broadway. Since that was the goal for the waiters to one day be on Broadway, I think that that is pretty impressive. Going to the restaurant was really fun and a great learning experience.
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Capstone #2 – Having my Interview

Over the weekend I had my interview for Capstone. Like I had said before I interviewed my aunt’s mother. Her name is Jessica Walter. When I interviewed her I didn’t have many questions but while she was talking, she basically covered everything that I needed to know about how to be prepared for an audition. During the interview I didn’t use some of my questions because I didn’t think that I needed them. Also, Jessica’s husband was there and he has been on Broadway too. It was like a double interview and I got so many quotes from them and a lot of information. After the interview she gave me one of her old head shots, and one of her knew ones. Head shots are the pictures that producers and directors use when someone auditions. She explained to me what the difference was. Older head shots were usually black and white. Not because it’s old, just because that was the style, and knew head shots are very colorful. Also, people tend to half smile in new ones. Overall, I found the interview very helpful and especially from someone that has been through all of this before.

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This is one of Jessica Walter’s head shots

Capstone #1 – Thinking About my Interview

Since I am researching Broadway Casting for my Capstone, I was thinking about who I should interview. I knew that it should definitely be someone who has experience with auditioning for Broadway and being on a Broadway show. I thought if I knew anyone that had that experience.  I realized that my aunt’s mother has been on Broadway and has been through this experience before. She would be a great resource for me during this project. The next thing I had to do was come up with as many interesting questions as I can. I started off with referring my main inquiry question for the project but making it so she could answer it in her own words. Then I began later on coming up with more complex questions, for example “Have you ever been an understudy, and if you have, how many times?” I think that during the interview it will be interesting to learn what kind of plays that she likes to perform.

Choosing a topic for Capstone

This week we started to talk about ideas for capstone. Capstone is a project related to what our interests and passions are. I started to think about what I love to do and what my interests are. I knew that I liked gymnastics, so that was an option, but then I started to think about other things that I am passionate about. I have just started an acting program and I also love to see Broadway shows, so I thought that Broadway was the perfect topic for me. I knew that I couldn’t just do Broadway and I had to narrow it down to something about Broadway. My friend Leila had a great idea and it was Broadway Casting. I loved that idea because it wasn’t such a small topic or a huge topic. Also, I already knew the perfect person to interview that would answer all of my questions about Broadway casting.

After we came up with a topic we had to think of a inquiry question that would help our research go even further. The day before we got huge pieces of paper and wrote our topic in the middle, then we got a pack of post its and wrote down all of the questions that we could think of. When I had to think of an inquiry question, I checked off all of the questions that I thought were reasonable and turned them into one question. I turned them into one question by using transitions in between each question. I think that that strategy really worked for me. When I was done I came up with a question that I thought was good, here it is. “What are the skills that you need to have to get a part and are the qualities different for particular shows.” I showed my teacher and she thought it was good but she also thought that when I did my research it would turn out to be in list form. So, I came to a different question that is open ended, “What is the process that a casting director goes through to find the best person possible for a specific part?” I think that my second one is way better than the first question and I am very excited to research about it.