Winter Break

Winter break is a time when everyone just assumes that their going away, but for my winter break it doesn’t include going anywhere for my family.

For Hanukkah I got tickets to a few shows on Broadway which I think is so much cooler than surfing in Florida. We are going to see Wicked, which I think will be amazing. Another one we are seeing is Elf, if you have heard of the movie it is the same thing. My last show I am going to is Aladdin with my dad. All of these shows will be very fun for me because I love to act and sing and it just inspires me when I’m on stage and in the spotlight.

Another thing that I am doing is going to iFly.  The indoor skydiving is something I really want to do because it is something new to me and very different than what I’d usually be doing.

My best part of vacation is when I get to see my cousins. They are flying here from Colorado all by themselves. We are going to spend half of the holiday with them. It always makes a smile on my face when I see them because they are hilarious. They always make me laugh. It doesn’t matter what place I’m in, Denver or New York, it just matters about spending time with your family.



Hi everyone,

So i’ll be telling you about one of my favorite things to do, DRAW!!! I have made a lot of drawings. I love copying things off of online to see if I could make it look similar. The things that I love to draw most are cartoons. I’ll draw Mickey Mouse, super women, monsters and lot’s more. One of my strategies for drawing is start from the bottom and make your way to the top. I use this strategy because usually the bottom is much less complicated then the top. I also love making my own ideas of art. They’re almost like abstract art. I draw squiggles and lines and color them in and see what I get. Sometimes they look good, sometimes they don’t. So this is my idea of art.

Slime Catastrophe

Hi everyone,

Today i’ll be telling you about SLIME!!! Slime is the fluffiest, squishiest, and most stretchiest thing ever. I don’t really know why I love it so much, it is just so addicting. So here is how I make it. All you will need is Elmer’s School Glue, Shaving Cream, and liquid detergent. So first you have to pour all your glue into a bowl. If your doing a color you should add it in. Then mix. After that your supposed to add in your Shaving Cream. The mix again. When your done with that you add little by little of your detergent. Then once your slime starts to form it should not stick to the bowl and should’t be liquidy. Then take your slime out of the bowl and start to need it. If it’s still a bit sticky then add more of your detergent. If it’s not stretchy you can add water or lotion. So that is how I make slime.


Hi everyone,

One thing that I need to tell you is I LOVE camp. The camp I go to is called Robindel. It is a uniform camp and this year will be my second year going. If you haven’t ever gone to sleep away camp, I’ll tell you all about it. So first lets talk about activities. There are so many activities at camp, for example there is, water skiing, baseball, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, water crafts, art, ropes, trips, and just time to hang out with your bunk and many more! My personal favorite activity is water skiing. I actually wake board. Wake boarding is like a skateboard with a boots sort of thing to put your feet in so your stable, then you just hold onto a rope that pulls you by a boat. Activities are mainly the point of camp except for making new friends and becoming more independent.


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say that when I went to Paris it was totally amazing. I saw buildings, statues, paintings and the Eiffel Tower!!! I got to do many things. I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, what a sight that was. We went shopping (which I loved) and we stayed in a really nice hotel with delicious food. The funny thing was, there were all these men walking around the streets with baskets of things to buy like light up Eiffel Towers. They would always come up to my parents and ask them a billion times if they wanted one. My parents would always say no but the people just kept on asking. I couldn’t believe how much they asked so finally I said to my mom if I could have one and for once she actually said yes to the man. So that was my trip to Paris!