Graphic Novels

This year in class we studied Graphic Novels, and we also made some of our own Graphic Novels. A teacher named Mr. DeBerry came in every week and taught us all about Graphic Novels. We started off with reading Graphic Novels with our partners and acknowledging all of the details of a Graphic Novel. After reading a few Graphic Novels and taking notes on them, we got to start making our own. We started off with an idea, just like every author does. That idea turned into a story and after we had our story, we got to make a draft. Once our draft was done, we started making the more improved version. When I was writing the story, I came up with more things as I went along. Also, I didn’t include some things that were on my draft. While writing it, I felt like I didn’t even need a lot of dialogue and writing because there were so many drawings that basically made up the story. At the end, I came up with a name for my story, Skyler Rosenberg and The Big Hit. 

Also, during the process of this, I noticed a few things about myself as a reader. When I read a Graphic Novel, I read it a lot faster than a Novel and also I really had to pay attention to the pictures to understand what is happening in the book. What I also noticed about myself as a writer is that I didn’t put as much thought into the writing as I would have if I wrote a Novel. After reading Graphic Novels, and making one too, I learned so much about writing in general.

This is my Graphic Novel:

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