Rube Goldberg Project Day Six

Learning to work as a group was one of the biggest struggles for my group. We all had different visions of how the Rube Goldberg would go. It made me wonder how we should compromise. We came to an agreement that we should combine all of our ideas together, and that’s how we came up with the Rube Goldberg.

Since we did it at one of my partners house (Leila) was researching and came up with some ideas. That helped us a lot because that gave us somewhere to start with the project. When doing the entire project we all new that it worked out well and we all had great ideas.


Rube Goldberg Project Day Five

Now that we have finished the actual Rube Goldberg we have to do the iMovie. It was hard to do the iMovie because we had 101 tries and needed to pick out only a few fails to put in our video. We already at some sort of idea about what we had to do for the video. My group and I wanted to make our video funny so we made outtakes. The outtakes included funny times we had during the process, and also when we messed up while saying things. I loved that part most about our video because it wasn’t just dull the entire time, it had some comedy. Although our video was very long, it was very entertaining.

Rube Goldberg Project Day Four

One of the many frustrations during this process was setting up the dominoes. Every time we would set up the dominoes they would just fall right down again. It was frustrated because it would take up most of the time that we could be doing takes. Another frustrating thing was when we got all the way to the end of the Rube Goldberg and the music didn’t play. I think that happened because the book wasn’t lined up correctly with the radio. Also, what happened a multiple amount of times was when we had the pulley of two dominoes, the one on the floor always pulled down the one on the elevation the wrong way. The entire project was a challenge but it was all very fun.