Capstone #5 – Answering Inquiry Question

I started this project off with a different topic. That topic was Broadway Casting. Since we had to come up with a main question (inquiry question) I had a different question than I do now. My first inquiry question was (What is the process that a casting director goes through to find the best person possible for a specific part?) I had to make a new question since now I have a different topic. My second question turned out to be (When someone goes to an audition, how do they prepare for it?) That question took a lot of time to answer because everyone has their own way of preparing for an audition. After doing a lot of research about it I found out the most common things people do for an audition and the most suggested things that you should do for an audition. In my research, one of the most common things to do to prepare for an audition that you may already know is warm up your voice. This is an overall warm up but everyone has there own way of warming up their voice. Also, I found in a lot of articles that exercising helps because you are warming up your body. That’s only some of my research about preparing for auditions.

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Ellis Island Field Trip

Today my entire grade went to Ellis Island for a field trip. We went on a ferry to get to Ellis Island so I thought that that was very fun. When we got there we got to wander around the museum for a while and learn about the immigrants coming through Ellis Island. After that we got to go on a tour with a guide that explained everything that happened when people came but in a short story version. Then, we saw a documentary about people coming off the boat and also part of the audio tracks were people who came on a boat to Ellis Island when they were younger. I thought that the documentary was very interesting because it was actual people who went through this this process and this experience.

Also, at Ellis Island you may know that there is a huge wall of names of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island, and my great grandfather passed through Ellis Island and I got to see his name and I thought that that was pretty awesome. Overall, I think that I have learned a lot from going to Ellis Island and that it was a really cool, and interesting trip.

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The immigrants would pass by the Statue Of Liberty on their way to Ellis Island.

Capstone #2 – Having my Interview

Over the weekend I had my interview for Capstone. Like I had said before I interviewed my aunt’s mother. Her name is Jessica Walter. When I interviewed her I didn’t have many questions but while she was talking, she basically covered everything that I needed to know about how to be prepared for an audition. During the interview I didn’t use some of my questions because I didn’t think that I needed them. Also, Jessica’s husband was there and he has been on Broadway too. It was like a double interview and I got so many quotes from them and a lot of information. After the interview she gave me one of her old head shots, and one of her knew ones. Head shots are the pictures that producers and directors use when someone auditions. She explained to me what the difference was. Older head shots were usually black and white. Not because it’s old, just because that was the style, and knew head shots are very colorful. Also, people tend to half smile in new ones. Overall, I found the interview very helpful and especially from someone that has been through all of this before.

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This is one of Jessica Walter’s head shots

Constitution Project

This year in social studies we are doing a constitution project. This project is about making something on technology or by your hands revolving around the constitution. To know what we have to do my teacher made two different dice. She put different subjects on each side. When I rolled I got events. Then the other dice had the kind of thing you had to make. On the side I rolled, it said “design something.” To decide what event I wanted to study my teacher had made something on a google doc that gave you choices on your category. The one that sounded most interesting to me was the first presidential election. The next step was to decide on what I wanted to build.

To decide on what to build I started to think about the setting. I came up with a voting booth. I new that they did not have voting booths when the election was held, but I thought that it did relate. The thought that kept coming up in my mind was should I make it a little voting booth, or go to the challenge of making a life size voting booth. Making the life size voting booth would be more fun so that’s what I did.

The next thing I had to do was decide on whether I should make something on technology or not. I thought I should add technology because it would give more detail to this project. When my grade went to Philadelphia they did a game show for us, after seeing that I thought that I should make one too about my topic.

In the process of making the voting booth my friend Lexi asked to join me because she was doing the same topic as me. We went shopping for all the materials we needed. After getting them we glued two very big boxes together to make the whole voting booth. After we did that we started to hot glue the wallpaper on the outside. That didn’t turn out very well so we figured that the next time we work on it, we will try a new strategy.

When I started to make the game show I immediately thought to use google slides. I took questions that weren’t very obvious and put them in the game show.

This project is going to be very fun and I am excited to see how everything turns out.