So B. It

With my partner in class we are reading the book So B. It. This book is by Sarah Weeks, and it is a social issue. In this book the main character Heidi faces many problems. Our teacher gave us these questions to answer about our book.

  • Think of one character and a challenge or difficulty she faces.
  • How does this affect how this character interacts with the world?
  • How does it affect how the character thinks or behaves when she is alone?

Heidi is a twelve year old girl that has a mother who is disabled. The mother cannot do anything for herself. So, I think that in a sort of way Heidi never got the childhood a normal child would have. She and her next door neighbor Bernie are very close. Bernie and Heidi share the responsibility of her mother. The problem with Bernie though is that she had agoraphobia. She can’t go outside so that means that Heidi does all of her shopping and things like that. Another challenge she faces is her mother has a twenty six word vocabulary and she has one word that the mother only knows what it means. That word is soof. It haunts Heidi every night and every day to know whats it means. She keeps bothering her mother to ask her what it means but her mother never answers the question. So, Heidi goes on a journey to find out what soof means.

These problems that she has really effect the way she acts to the world around her. Since her mother is disabled and Bernie has agoraphobia she has always been very caring and understanding of her mother. I think that if I ever had a mother who was like that, I would be nice in front of her but get very frustrated at times. Like I said before she didn’t exactly have the perfect childhood. She was always cleaning up after her mother and doing everything for her. She never got to be a kid. Also, she is a very brave twelve year old. When I said that she is going on a journey to find out what the word soof means I meant that she is going a long away to Liberty, New York. She is going their because she found some pictures of what she thought was her mom at a disabled home in Liberty. She knew that maybe if they had her name in the files, the owner would know her and what the word soof means.

That shows how because of this problem, it made her a very independent person. These difficulties also affect the way her actions are when she is alone. When she is alone she doesn’t get very frustrated or upset because she has learned and taught herself to keep control of her emotions. Except sometimes she does get frustrated. I think that Heidi has the right to get frustrated because most of her life revolves around her mother and her mother’s disability. Heidi never got to do something for just herself. Although, Heidi is a great person and especially daughter to her mother because of her mother’s disability.


Immigration Project Part Four

In school we finally finished the stop motion animation project. My group and I worked really hard on it to complete it. After finishing the filming we imported it to imovie. Then we added cool sound effects which really makes it more interesting. Then we made the voice overs which sounded really cool when attaching it to the stop motion part. After making the imovie we watched it and it was good but we needed a little fixing.

We fixed the timing of most things and then it sounded perfect. I think that we finished first because the actual movement in the stop motion was pretty simple because all they did is walk in, walk out and in and also they walked back and forth. We also had a pretty simple audio because it was just one letter and we all had our assigned parts. Also, our group at times worked really well together and got things done quickly. Overall, I think that our project was really great and that my group and I worked really hard on it.

Rube Goldberg Project Day One

This year we are doing a Rube Goldberg project. We made teams and had to work with them to create a simple machine. When I heard the word Rube Goldberg the first word that popped into my mind was “dominoes.” I knew right away that we should use them.

The first time my group worked on our Rube Goldberg it took us about fifteen minutes to even come up with an idea, and then another fifteen minutes to come up with something reasonable. We finally started out with a toilet paper roll rolling down a ironing board. It needed some fixing but my group and I were glad to have something to start with. Then we started with something else. We started taking videos when we at least had three steps done. They were called the “sneak peeks.” At school we started with the sketch. That was only the first attempt to our sketches. I am really excited to see the next step!

Re-designing our rocket

How can we make our rocket even better?

After our first launch we decided to make a whole new rocket. So we started off with taking all the duct tape and wings off our rocket. Then we had to discuss whether to make new wings or keep the wings we already had. We all agreed on making new wings except that the wings are going to be the exact same as the first wings but different colors. So then we traced them on the Styrofoam and cut them out. Everyone in my group wanted different colors for the wings but we finally figured out that the colors should be black, white and red. We covered each of them in those colors then went to decide the colors of the body of our rocket. Since it is breast cancer awareness month we decided on making the body pink.

For the nosecone we made a little bit of a different design. My group thought that we should make it taller, skinnier and a tiny bit wider. Since our school does not have a 3-D printer, a boy in our class Om is printing the nosecones for all of us because he has one of his own at home. So far this is what our re-design looks like.


This year in science we are building rockets. My groups name is The Rocketeers. We get to build with bottles and other materials. My group is using Styrofoam for our wings and covering it in duck tape.


What am I Proud Of?

I am proud of designing a very cool looking rocket. I am also proud of my group for making progress in designing each and every part of the rocket. I am also proud of my group for all working together. For example when my team had to decide what kind of wing shape we wanted, we all drew a couple in our notebooks and then we all decide which one would make the rocket go high.

What Frustrated Me?

Something that frustrated me was that my group wasn’t using teamwork 100% of the time. It also frustrated me that very minute there seemed to be something to disagree about. Also my group did the wrong measurements for our poster so we had to start over.

What I’m Looking Forward To

I am looking forward to 3-D print the nosecone for my rocket and I’m also looking forward to finishing my rocket. Another thing that I’m looking forward to is launching my rocket. Especially seeing if it explodes while launching it, or stays perfectly fine.

Overall I’m excited to launch my rocket and see how it turns out!






Hi everyone,

One of my favorite places to go is Colorado. My grandparents have a house there and my family shares it with them. We go in the winter and the summer. In the winter we all love to ski at Beaver Creek and Vail (both of there most popular mountains). In the summer we are members of a club so we swim and play golf and eat. We also love to hike in the summer. Also my cousins come and sleepover and we have so much fun. We watch movies and make smores. Colorado is the best place on earth.

Writing Long and Strong on Jots – Character

Fourth Grade Rats

“Joey is making fun of Suds lunch box.”

Joey and Suds were at lunch on the first day of 4th grade. This year it was time to be a rat. So they were at lunch and Joey saw Suds lunch box. It was covered in elephants. Joey was laughing so hard. Suds was confused. He had this lunchbox for a really long time. Joey was explaining to him it”s time to give up this lunchbox, your a rat now. But Suds didn’t want to be a rat. He wanted to be an third grade angel again.

The rest of Suds lunch wasn’t peaceful at all.  At the end of lunch Joey was still laughing. But Suds did not care what other people thought. All he cared about was not being a rat. It was hard for him because he wanted to be good not bad like Joey.

He could not believe what Joey was doing to him, Joey is his best friend. It was like Joey was bullying him. All Suds was doing is being himself. All Joey was doing is not being himself.




My initial thoughts…

I was freaked out when Mr.Casal told us that we were going to share our writing to the whole world. But for now i’m fine because only the Scarsdale district can see my writing. I am very excited for people to see my thoughts and writing. But I am still freaked  about showing my writing to the world. I’m excited to show some of the work I have done in class like essays and  book reports. I am excited to see what I can write soon on my blog.heathcote School