So B. It

With my partner in class we are reading the book So B. It. This book is by Sarah Weeks, and it is a social issue. In this book the main character Heidi faces many problems. Our teacher gave us these questions to answer about our book. Think of one character and a challenge or difficulty […]

Re-designing our rocket

How can we make our rocket even better? After our first launch we decided to make a whole new rocket. So we started off with taking all the duct tape and wings off our rocket. Then we had to discuss whether to make new wings or keep the wings we already had. We all agreed […]


This year in science we are building rockets. My groups name is The Rocketeers. We get to build with bottles and other materials. My group is using Styrofoam for our wings and covering it in duck tape.   What am I Proud Of? I am proud of designing a very cool looking rocket. I am […]


Hi everyone, One of my favorite places to go is Colorado. My grandparents have a house there and my family shares it with them. We go in the winter and the summer. In the winter we all love to ski at Beaver Creek and Vail (both of there most popular mountains). In the summer we […]

My initial thoughts…

I was freaked out when Mr.Casal told us that we were going to share our writing to the whole world. But for now i’m fine because only the Scarsdale district can see my writing. I am very excited for people to see my thoughts and writing. But I am still freaked ¬†about showing my writing […]