May 2017 archive

State Test

We had the ELA state test a couple of weeks ago. I did not like to have three tests in a row. We had to read a lot. I thought the state test was a little cool because it was my first time taking the test. I felt good about my work. My teacher did a great job preparing us for the test.

The Math State Test



The Math State Test was easy. The test had multiplication,fractions and area. The easiest one was area because you would have to find out what the shapes area or you would have to find out a part of the area. Some of the multiplication was easy. Some fraction problems were easy some were a little hard. The Math State Test was also boring. It was boring because you had to do math for a long time. The third day was hard because you had to write how you figured the math problem out.

Poem Reflection

In class we studied the moon so I thought that I should do a poem about the moon.

The Moon

By Alexa  

I saw the moon shining bright.

All alone in the sky at night.

The full moon is coming soon

but now it is a waxing moon.

The stars are as bright as they can be

but the moon is brighter than them.

Although the moon is so bright,

I wish I could see it every night.

3D Demo

One Plastic Bag

By Miranda Paul


One Plastic bag is mainly about a girl that stopped people from not using plastic bags. She started to make bags out of the plastic that you can reuse. My favorite part was when she realized that plastic bags wasn’t good for the environment and she starts to make bags that you can reuse. This book reminded me that you should not litter. The message of the book is that you should not litter and take care of the environment. I think that because you should never litter.


Banning Plastic Bags

By TED Talk


TED Talk is mainly about two girls that are trying to ban plastic bags. My favorite part was when they said that plastic bags are not good for the world and said they were trying to stop people from using plastic bags. TED Talk reminds of the book One Plastic bag. The message of TED Talk is to stop littering and take care of the world.TED Talk inspired me to start taking care of the world.





The moon unit reflection

It was so much fun to look at the moon. It was cool to see the different phases. It was fun to blog every night. It was cool to study the moon. It was cool to see the moon go to phase to phase. The phases are new moon,waxing crescent,1st quarter,waxing gibbous,full moon,waning gibbous,last quarter,waning crescent then it starts all over again. From the new moon to the full moon I had so much fun studying and blogging about the moon.