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Lima Beans Week three

no sunlight

no air



Lima Beans Week Three


This week our Lima beans have grown fast. There are three Lima beans they have no air, sunlight and no sunlight. My group’s Lima beans have lots of roots. Our Lima beans look like there going to die. Lima beans can grow with out soil. The Lima beans look not so healthy as the controlled experiment. No air , sunlight and no sunlight are all different plants for example no air has no air, sunlight has sunlight and no sunlight has no sunlight.

No Air

In no air there is a little leaf. Also for no air the Lima beans are tall.


In sunlight there is a green stem sticking out. Also for sunlight you can really see the root hairs.

No Sunlight 

For no sunlight one of the Lima beans have three leaves. Also for no sunlight there are a lot of white roots.


















Book Recommendation Sisters

Book Recommendation Sisters

By Raina Telgemeier

Genre: Fiction


Sisters by Raina Telgemeier is about One day a girl really wanted a sister but once she got older she started getting into fights with her sister. I loved this book because I really want a sister and I love the story.  I hope you love the book sisters. If you had a sister what would you do?


Seed Pods


This week all of our flowers are gone. There is a new thing about our plant. There are seed pods! Each leave has about 12 seed pods. Its cool how the plant grows seeds. The seed pods of the plant are big. I’m exited to see what will happen to the new seeds.

Week 2 Plants

orange juice plant and normal plant.

No sunlight plant



Week 2 plant reflection

This week our orange juice plant has not grown yet. It smells really bad. I do not think it is going to grow. The orange juice was turning moldy.


Our normal plant has grown a lot. Each cell has at least 1 flower. The other plants in the normal one have little buds. I think it grew because we gave it water and sun. I think you have to have water and sun.

The no sunlight flower was a light yellow color. The stem was white. It is not growing that good because there is no sun.