Rube Goldberg #4: Testing the Design

Stella and I have been working and testing our Rube Goldberg project for the past five weeks. Within the past weeks we have had some success and some failures. Working on this project has been challenging.


Testing the machine has been interesting, sometimes what you think will work doesn’t actually work. For example, when Stella and I choose to do a rubber duck traveling across water, it got too hard. We decided that we would put rubber duck on a car and make it go down a track.


Some parts of the project have been frustrating. For example, When we were doing the pulley which we based on the ride Tower of Terror, we had some difficulties deciding what would hold the string of the pulley. We choose to use a car but we had to finds a car that was light enough for the dominos to push and to hold the string.


Stella and I have made some revisions to our machine. Some changes we made include switching a tennis ball with a cut open water bottle. Another change we made was to use a car and a track instead of water and rubber duck.


A big insight moment was when Stella and I were making the pulley the car was not moving. We replaced the car with magnet tiles. The magnet tiles were easier for the dominos to move because it was lighter than the car and the magnet tile was shaped the same as the domino.

In conclusion, I have learned from this experience that your ideas sometimes might not work. However, I have also learned to be patient and open minded to other ideas that can be possible solutions. If something does not work the first time than try and try again.

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