Rube Goldberg #5: The Sketch


Making a Sketch of our Rube Goldberg machine was fun. Stella and I were very excited about our theme and creating a Disney Rube Goldberg project. We purchased a blue poster board and Mickey Mouse decorated tape. Then we used black construction paper and and cut out Mickey Mouse ears. Next, we used red letter stickers to label our project. This was going to be the backdrop of our sketch.


Following the layout of our backdrop we discussed how we wanted to draw out our machine. We drew out each step as best as possible and then made a key with numbers naming each step. We named each step based on different Disney rides. Except for one we just labeled dominos.


A few of the steps we drew larger to help the viewer understand the machine better. Having these sketches were helpful when we went to actually build each step. Not every step worked out exact to our sketch but was somewhat close.


After decorating and sketching our Rube Goldberg board created a goal which was to release balloons and labeled this on our board. Just like a book has a picture of a author, Stella and I included a picture of us.

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