Immigration #1: Preparing for the Interview

My class was assigned to do a immigration project. I started to wonder of who I could interview. I suddenly remembered that my Dad immigrated. My Dad immigrated from South Africa to America.

In preparing for my interview, I did some research on immigration and what immigrants have to go through. From researching, I had some ideas of what my questions could be to ask my Dad. My class was assigned to do 10-15 questions. I came up with 15 questions. I made sure that the questions were informational so I could make a Spark video. My teacher also assigned my class to do a Spark video of who we’re interviewing.

I think this interview will go well because I already know a lot about immigration and my Dad’s story. I am excited to learn more about my Dad’s journey to America and how he felt as a fifth grade student coming to a new country.

Interview Questions

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