Capstone #2: Crafting a Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions.

For my capstone project I had to pick a main inquiry question and sub questions. My main inquiry question is “What are the key steps in creating costumes for Broadway shows?” I made sure my main inquiry question will give me lots of information about the key steps in creating costumes for Broadway Shows. I also made sure that my main inquiry question would keep my interest. Some of the other main inquiry questions I had in mind are, “How do costumes help tell the story?” and “How has costume making changed over the years?”

For my sub questions I had to make them go with my main inquiry question. We have to make five or six sub questions for our Capstone Project. The sub questions are not interview questions, they are the things that we will mostly research about.

These are my sub questions:

  • How important is knowing the character when designing a costume?
  • How much and what research has to be done before designing a costume?
  • How many people are involved in creating the costumes?
  • How long is the process from the beginning to the end?
  • What tools and materials are required for creating a costume?
  • What are the most important features to consider when designing the costume?

In conclusion, I think that creating the sub questions was easier than creating my main inquiry question. I am happy about my main inquiry question and sub questions.  I am looking forward to my interview and learning more about Costume Design.

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