Capstone #3: Interview

On Thursday the 23rd of May, I interviewed David Kaley for my Capstone Project. David Kaley is currently the Associate Costume Designer for Disney’s Frozen on Broadway. He designs all the Disney’s Frozen costumes at the Amsterdam Theater in New York City. I interviewed David Kaley because I wanted to interview somebody who had a lot of experience with Costume Design. For example, David Kaley has designed costumes for eleven different Broadway Shows. Some of these shows include: Disaster: The Musical, It Shoulda Been You, Cabaret and The Addams Family to name a few.

For setting up my interview I wrote David Kaley an email introducing myself, explaining our project and requesting if I could possibly interview him. To my surprise, he emailed me right back and said yes. I asked David Kaley 16 questions.

These are the questions that I prepared to ask David Kaley about Costume Design:

  1. Why did you want to become a costume designer?
  2. What experience do you have as a costume designer?
  3. What skills do you need to have to be a costume designer?
  4. How important is it to know the character when designing the costume?
  5. What research do you need to know about the character before you make the costume and where do you find it?
  6. What materials do you need to design a costume?
  7. Who do you consult with when coming up with designs?
  8. Do you have people to help you? If so, how many people and what are their responsibilities?
  9. Can you describe the steps from start to finish, including the length of time needed?
  10. What do you focus on when designing a costume?
  11. What kind of approval do you need for your designs before they go into production, while you’re working on costumes, and when you’re done? If so, who is in charge of approval? (For example, stage manager, producer, etc.)
  12. Do you create your designs at the theater or is there a specific place you work?
  13. Is there any specific technology that you use to assist you?
  14. What was one of your most favorite costume designs and why?
  15. What do you enjoy most about your job? Least?
  16. Is there any other information you think that’s important for me to know about costume design?

In the beginning of my interview I felt nervous but also excited at the same time. When I got to the Amsterdam Theater, the security guard led me into the costume design office. David greeted me and seemed excited about our interview. We spent one hour going through my questions.

In conclusion, I thought David Kaley gave me a lot of information about Costume Design. I was surprised at how many people help to make the costumes. I can’t wait to use the information he shared with me to put into my presentation.

Here are some photos:

Amsterdam Theatre

David Kaley

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