Capstone #4: Site Visit

On Thursday the 23rd of May, I went to my site visit for my Capstone Project. My site visit was at the Disney’s Frozen Costume Office at Amsterdam Theater. I told the person that I interviewed, David Kaley that I also needed to do a site visit. He offered to let me go to his costume office. I was excited to see the costume office because I saw pictures of costume offices online and now I finally got to see one in person.

During the site visit David told me where everything is placed and how they organize the office.  For example, rolls of fabrics were lined up by character on the shelves and each roll was tagged with the character and name of fabric.   He also showed me a few costumes and let me see all the details of them. David told me in some costumes they even sew in ice packs to keep the actors cool.  I also learned that each actor for the show gets new undergarments for each performance and has three identical costumes so they can rotate the costumes to be cleaned.  In addition, David showed me a giant book that they call “the bible”. They have 20 “Bibles” in all! In these books,they keep the fabric, the sketch, the picture of the person wearing the costume, the buttons that they use and so much more!  This looked like a great way to organize all the costumes. I thought these books were super cool.

In conclusion, I am extremely grateful to have had the privilege of visiting Disney’s Frozen costume office. It was really cool to see all of the hard work that goes into the detailing of these costumes!

Here are some photos:

Drawers filled with Buttons

One of the “bible” books showing a sketch of a Costume

A Troll Costume from Disney’s Frozen on Broadway (This Costume was very heavy)

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