Capstone #6: Working on My Final Product

For my final project, I am doing a Ted Talk. I decided to do a Ted Talk because I have a lot of information about Broadway costume design and an Ignite would be to short for me. I would also have more time to speak for each slide and I could have as many slides as I want.

Right now I am working on memorizing my script and practicing my presentation. My presentation is the steps to designing a costume for a Broadway show. In my presentation I list and give examples of every step. As I was practicing a realized I kept on getting the things that I say for each slide confused. I decided to change my photos to go more with to what I am saying. After I fixed that I kept practicing and realized that adding more clear photos was more helpful for me. When I was at home I practiced my presentation in front of my Mom. She gave me some tips to presenting it. Some tips she gave includes speak slowly and clearly, look at the audience and more.

I am happy and feel good about how my capstone presentation has turned out. I learned by practicing that I need to speak slowly and clearly and be calm. I am excited to present my presentation!

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