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End of Tech Post #9

Tech has been very interesting and fun to learn about. Even though I didn’t get to finish my projects, I still enjoyed learning about all the other things. My favorite thing that I learned/made was the jewelry. Making jewelry was really fun because I got to create something that I could wear. Overall, tech has been a great quarter.

Truss Post #8

Trusses are used for all different types of buildings. A truss is a triangle. In tech we had to create a truss out of toothpicks and something to connect the toothpicks. I created a truss that had different sizes of triangles. This project was fun to do.

Metals Post #7

In technology I watched a video on metals. Different types of metals are copper, bronze, iron, silver, and a lot more. It was cool to watch a video on how metals are made because metals are used for a lot of different things. Metals was a very interesting topic to learn about.

Mechanical Engineering Post #6

For tech class I watched a video and did a Nearpod on mechanical engineering. I learned the the strong supporter that uses the least amount of material is called the i-beam. The i-beam is used for all different types of buildings. It can also be helpful because some buildings are designed a certain way that doesn’t look great with a lot of material. So far learning about mechanical engineering is interesting and I am excited to learn more.

Periodic Table Post #5

A couple weeks ago in tech my class watched a video on the Periodic Table. The Periodic Table is where different chemical elements are written down on a chart. They were organized by similar physical  properties. They have the metals on the left and the nonmetals on the right. The columns have similar chemical behaviors. This table is a great way to organize all the chemical elements.

Atoms Post #4

This week my tech class has started to learn about atoms. Atoms are everything. The entire universe is made out of atoms. Everything that you can touch is made out of atoms. Atoms are very very very small. We watched a video about these people using atoms to make a short movie. It was interesting to see what they had to do to make the atoms move in the certain areas they wanted. The next video we watched was the short movie. It was very cool to see this story just created out of atoms. So far, learning about atoms have been very interesting.

Creating my Automata Post #3

On Monday my tech class started to put together our automatas. We put together each side of the box for the automata. Each side has cut out areas. To put the sides together it is basically like a puzzle. When your done figuring out how each side goes together, you use a hot glue gun to glue the pieces together. Once the pieces where glued together we had to let them dry. So far I am enjoying creating my automata.

Starting Automata Post 2

A few days ago Mr. Calvert was teaching and telling us about creating automatas. He showed us some and we all had to guess how they were working inside. He also showed us a few videos about some really creative automatas. For mine I am have clouds go through a rainbow. We started learning how to create them. There are four sides that we have to connect to make a box to create the automata. We also had to go on Vectornator to create circles that will make our automata work. I am excited to get started on making mine!

Starting Tech Post #1

The Second day of technology Mr. Calvert taught and shared the safety rules of technology to my class. These rules are important because there are consequences when you don’t follow the rules. Such as getting hurt or messing up your project. Some of the safety rules include:

1. Slow down, think before you act

2. Tie back long hair, no  baggy clothes and dangling jewelry

3. No talking when using machinery

There are many other rules but I am not going to list them all. I am excited to work on the projects and when I am making the projects I will make sure to follow the technology safety rules.



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