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Biography Project – Walt Disney

Walt Disney


Early Life

Walt Disney was born in the year of 1901. He lived in a small town just  outside of Chicago. His family moved a lot because they could not afford to live in just one house. Walt had three older brothers named Herbert, Raymond and Roy. Walt also had one younger sister named Ruth. Walt was pore. Walt loved art but father Elias did not understand how you could make money off of art. Since Walt could not take art lessons he drawn on his house. When his father saw this he got very unhappy. Elias  got so unhappy Walt got punished for a very long time. When Walt got a little older the Disney family had to move again. They moved to Kansas City. Since Herbert and Raymond did not like moving a lot they runned away. When they moved Elias started a business. Walt had to work for his father but did not get paid. Other boys worked for him but did get paid. Walt’s job was to deliver newspaper to a thousand people.


When Walt was 14 he started taking art lessons. When Walt’s brother Roy was 17 he runned away and joined the navy. When Roy left Walt was sad and his parents were furious. Since Walt’s father’s business was not doing well Walt had to get a new job. Walt’s new job was a news butcher. When Walt Disney started High School he became an art editor. Then Walt wanted to join the navy but Elias did not want to sign Walt up because he already had two sons in the navy so does not want another one in it but Flora signed Walt up. In November of 1918 Walt sailed to Europe. He spent most of his time driving troops and supplies  from place to another. When Walt was older he told his father he wanted to be an artist. Elias was not happy.


Adult Life

One day at Walt’s new job he met a guy named Ub Iwerks. They wanted to start a business together. So Walt wrote home asking if he could have his savings money because he wanted to start a business with Ub Iwerks. But Flora only sent half of  it. So Walt and Ub started a business. They called it Iwerks-Disney. In 1937 Disney made his first full length cartoon film to be produced by a movie studio. It was called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Some of Disney’s other full length cartoon films were Pinocchio in 1940, Bambi in 1942, Cinderella in 1950, Peter Pan in 1953, Lady and the Tramp in 1955, Sleeping Beauty in 1959 and 101 Dalmatians in 1961.


Some obstacles that happened Walt Disney’s life are that Walt moved a lot from one town to another in Walt’s childhood. When Walt got a little older his father became ill with a high fever but he recovered. When his father started the newspaper delivery business Walt had to work when it was snowing and snow was up to his knees and even if the steps were icy. When Roy left to join the navy Walt was very sad that he had no brothers now he only had his little sister.


Impact the World

Walt Disney won 32 Academy Awards for his movies and his work in improving the art of filmmaking. He was also known for the theme parks his company created and Walt Disney Productions created. They include Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and California and Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida.


Tundra is a ecosystem that is cold and the highest temperature 50º. Tundra is a barren place that nothing grows.


There are about 1,700 species that can grow in the tundra. Consumers that live in tundra are geese, ducks, seals, several types of penguins, petrels, albatrosses, sheep, mountain goats, squirrels, snowy owls, bears, reindeer, wolves and caribous. Producers that live in Tundra are Moss, Lichens, Grass, Trees, Hair Grass and Plants.


The Locations that locate tundra are Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia, Rocky Mountains, Andes, Alps, Himalayas, Snowy Mountains and the top of mountains.


Some reasons why tundra is unique is that sometimes the sun does not rise for a number of days. Another reason is that the sun does not set for a number of days each summer.


Some interesting facts about tundra is that If climate change is extreme it is hard for some species to survive. Another interesting fact about tundra is that if Arctic summers are 50 degrees or higher it melts the top permafrost layer.

Colonial America Book Reflection

One day my teacher told my class that we would do a colonial america book. We first picked our topic. I choose colonial girls because I wanted to see what the difference would be between now and in colonial times. Then we started to research until we felt like we had enough. After we copied down our information on index cards and glued them down into our plan. Then we started to make a draft on our google drive. After we copied our draft into our book. Then we put in pictures into our book. Then we did our glossary. After we used this special app to do our bibliography and put it into our book.

My favorite part of the project is putting the book together because it was fun to put the writing in the book. I disliked that it took a long time to complete the book. The research that I did was interesting because I did not know anything about colonial girls.

I learned about myself is that I am focused when I am researching.

If I did this project again I would not do anything different because the steps are easy and fun.

I hope you enjoy my book.

Curiosity Project- Art

In the start of 4th grade my teacher told my class and I to do a curiosity project. A Curiosity Project is something your intrested on researching.

I chose art because I really love drawing and coloring and I have been taking art lessons since I was three.

This is my Curiosity Project: