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Capstone #7: Capstone Share

On Friday the 21st of June, I had my Capstone presentation. The actual presentation was much different from when I was presenting it in front of the second graders. The difference was that the second graders were daydreaming and not really listening but when I did the presentation in front of the parents all of them were staring at me and listening to every word I said.

Since I have lots of experience performing on stage I wasn’t as nervous as everybody else. A lot of the other kids were scared that they would mess up or say “um” a lot. However, I felt confident when I presented mine.

Overall, I think my presentation went well and I am proud of how it turned out. I really enjoyed learning about Broadway costume design. I also enjoyed learning about the other topics my classmates presented. Capstone was a fun project.

Here is the video of my presentation:

Tundra PSA

My class was a signed to create a wevideo on our Ecosystem. These are the steps that we had to follow. First we got a sheet that showed blank panels so we had to color or write words in the panels. Next we started to create our wevideo. We had to choose different pictures, words and videos. to create our wevideo. Then if you wanted to you could record your voice you could. I recorded my voice. Then we showed it to a couple friends and asked them if it needed any changes. Mine did not need any changes so I pressed the finish button and then I was done.

4th Grade Reflection

4th Grade was fun. We did a lot of work. We did a lot of project for example curiosity project, colonial project, biography project and tundra project.


My class and I did a lot of read alouds for example Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone, Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman and Tiger Rising by Kate Dicamillo.


A guy named Dennis Oehler came in to teach learning from our differences. Dennis Oehler was hit by a car and had to get his leg removed. Then Dennis Oehler got into the Paralympics. He showed us what he uses to run with. It was really cool how he could run again.


My favorite thing doing this year was our biography project. Mine was on Walt Disney. I wanted to research about Walt Disney because I just went to Walt Disney World and wanted to know where it all begun.


My favorite subject is science because you get to learn about things right in front of you and you get to use cool supplies to learn science.


My favorite read aloud is Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman because the genre of the book is mystery and I love reading about mystery’s.

Dennis Oehler Learning from our Differences

On 3/29/18 Dennis Oehler came to our school to talk about his disability. He wanted us to feel comfortable around people that have disabilities. He was gonna be a perfessional soccer player but then he got his injury and he could not play. He had to get his leg removed. He told us this story when his nephew’s class had show in tell his nephew wanted him to come in and show his class how he takes off his leg. He showed us how he removed his leg. He also showed us how he runned with his leg. I really enjoyed it.

Colonial Day Blog Post

Colonial day is when you get to do things that colonial people would do back then. My grade experienced it and it was so much fun!

One of my favorite activity is stenciling. One reason why it was my favorite activity is that my class got to experience how the people in colonial times would do stenciling. Another reason why stenciling was one of my favorite activity is that my class got to make our own cards by using stencils and paint by dabbing it on. Another one of my favorite activity was Dame School. One reason why it is one of my favorite activity is that when the teacher said that we had to say a word in front of the class I got the word bee. The girls got easy words the boys got hard words. If the boys did not spell the word correctly then they would get a sign that might say idle boy or you would have to sit in the coldest place in the classroom.


One thing I learned about colonial day is that girls do a lot of easy stuff and boys do a lot of hard stuff. Another thing that I learned about colonial day is that boys and girls did not have the same toys as now.


One thing I want learn more about is why girls do easy things and boys do hard things. Another thing I want to learn more about is why you could not just brush the paint on instead of dabbing the paint on.


Colonial times is different from now because you have to wear a certain type of clothes.