Hi! I’m back! And this time I have something special to show you. I’m going to show you my persuasive essay that I worked on in school. Here it is:

Doctors are amazing in a lot of different ways.They heal us when we get injured. They keep us healthy when we get sick. Whenever you get nervous at the doctor’s office, the doctors always find some way to calm you down. Doctors are too special to not be thanked. Have you ever thought about thanking them? I think we should thank doctors more often.

Doctors always heal us. Whenever I fall and get a scrape, the doctor always washes it off and makes me feel better. There has never been a time when I’ve had a bad sickness or infection where the doctor wasn’t there for me. Doctors also heal you when you have broken bones. For example, one time my friend was jumping on a couch in her house. She kept pouncing until she FELL OFF THE COUCH!!! She was only 3 when she broke her left arm! But the doctors still made her feel better by taking her to the hospital. Then the doctors gave her a cast and my friend was able to go back to school. After a little while, my friend was all better. The doctors had saved the day once again.

Another way doctors heal you is by giving you medicine. Whenever you get sick, the doctor always gives you medicine and heals you. Like the one time I had a really bad cold. My mom took me to the doctor’s office so that they could check me out. Soon, my mom had to take me to the hospital to get an x-ray because the doctors needed to know if I had something like pneumonia. I had the x-ray taken and the doctors found out that I didn’t have anything very bad. Only a horrible cold. We went back to the doctor’s office and the doctors gave my mom the medicine I needed. Soon, my cold had gone away and I could go back to school again. The doctors had healed me once again. That’s what doctors are for.                                                                                            

Doctors also keep your body healthy. One way they do that is by giving us shots. Once a year, we go to the doctor’s office to get a flu shot so we don’t get the flu. The shot may hurt, but the doctors do it to keep us safe. Usually, I am a very good patient at the doctors office. But when I was getting the flu shot for this year, I TOTALLY freaked out. Even before the shot I was squirming around everywhere. I was moving around so much that my mom and the doctor had to hold me down! In the end, I finally had my flu shot. I cried a hole lot, but I survived. Another reason that doctors keep us healthy is by keeping our eyes healthy. For example, this year I got glasses. My mom took me to a place where I was going to get my eyes tested. The doctors tested my eyes a lot. Finally, I was told to go into a room with a ton of glasses. Once inside the room, I was told to walk around the room and pick out the glasses I wanted. Soon, my mom and I came back to the office to pick up my glasses. Now, I can see perfectly fine! Without doctors, I’d be as blind as a sloth!

Some people might think that doctors shouldn’t get appreciated because they get paid at least $77,280 a year. However, you are wrong. Just because doctors get paid that much it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t thank them. I believe that doctors should always be thanked not just because they never get thanked, but also because doctors are always on the lookout for you and for others. Even though doctors are paid so much money a year, doctors should always be thanked and appreciated.

The last reason doctors are so important is because whenever you – or anyone – is at the doctor’s office, the doctor always finds some way to comfort the patient. One way they do that is by talking to you as they examine your body. Doctors always keep us distracted with nice conversations. Doctors also make you feel better in the office by giving you a lollipop on your way out of the doctors office. I always leave the doctors office with a lollipop griped in my hand There hasn’t been a day in the doctor’s office where I have left unhappy. Everytime I pass the doctor’s office, I see a patient walking out the door with a huge, bright, smile on their face. It’s a good thing doctors are very nice and entertaining, because if doctors were as quiet as snails, then we’d all die from boredom! Doctors are important in many ways. All the reasons I just mentioned is why. And now you have finally finished reading my last reason. Now all you need to do is read my conclusion. C’mon! Move it!

Ah. I see you’ve finally reached my conclusion. I know you have already read a lot but please, just read this! Thank you! Doctors are always on the lookout for the world. They heal you, make sure you are healthy, and keep you happy and entertained. Just remember, next time you go to the doctors office, thank the doctor that just helped you. Every doctor would appreciate that.

How was that? I hope you thought that it was good because I worked hard on that. Next time I have something cool to show you I’ll post it. Promise. Keep reading my blog!

Hello world!

Hi! I’m Annabelle. I am eight years old. I am very excited to be writing my first blog. Here are some things about me: I go to the school Fox Meadow. I love to sketch, write, and color. I also like playing the piano and learning the recorder and violin. Some of my favorite sports are tennis and swimming. My favorite foods are pizza, ice cream, and of course, I love taco night. I have two siblings that are younger than me. I also have two wonderful and caring parents. My favorite subjects at school are reading, writing, and recess. I don’t have any pets but my baby sister sure acts like one! Every night at dinner my baby sister Julia always comes up to our seats and she begs [ well, not really, but it’s like she begs ] for a little bit of our food. My five year old sister can sometimes get on my nerves a bit.  Now that you know so much about me and my family, I bet you can’t wait to read more of my blogs. Well, I’ll keep posting! Come back soon!