Hello world!

Hi! I’m Annabelle. I am eight years old. I am very excited to be writing my first blog. Here are some things about me: I go to the school Fox Meadow. I love to sketch, write, and color. I also like playing the piano and learning the recorder and violin. Some of my favorite sports are tennis and swimming. My favorite foods are pizza, ice cream, and of course, I love taco night. I have two siblings that are younger than me. I also have two wonderful and caring parents. My favorite subjects at school are reading, writing, and recess. I don’t have any pets but my baby sister sure acts like one! Every night at dinner my baby sister Julia always comes up to our seats and she begs [ well, not really, but it’s like she begs ] for a little bit of our food. My five year old sister can sometimes get on my nerves a bit.  Now that you know so much about me and my family, I bet you can’t wait to read more of my blogs. Well, I’ll keep posting! Come back soon!

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