Current Events #2


Title: Romeo, The World’s Most Eligible Amphibious Bachelor, Finally Finds His Juliet!

Source: Dogo News

Article Date: February 6, 2019

News Type: World

Summary: Romeo is a Sehuencas water frog who has a cool pattern on his skin, an orange stomach, and giant green eyes. Researchers think that Romeo is the only frog of his kind. Now they have just found Romeo a Juliet just in time for Valentines Day! Romeo started calling for a mate after about 12 months living in an aquarium at Bolivia’s Natural History Museum. Romeo has been calling out less, and less which makes people worry that he has lost all hope for love. People are helping Romeo by putting his profile on a website called, a matchmaking website. It didn’t attract any other frogs, but they raised $25,000 to help search crews look for a mate. On January 15, 2019, scientists finally found what they were looking for. Researchers were about to give up before they checked one more creek, which was where they saw a frog jump, which turned out not to be Juliet. It was another male Sehuences water frog. The researchers found a few more frogs, one of which, turned out to be Romeo’s age, so it was named Juliet. Now researchers are still searching, hoping for new discoveries.

Personal Response: I chose this article because right when I looked into the eyes of this super cool frog, I knew I wanted to do this article.

Current Events #1

Title: NASA’s  NeMO-Net Will Give Scientists A Valid Excuse To Play Video Games

Article Date: January 20, 2019

Source: Dogo News

News Type: World

Summary: Coral reefs are really colorful and really important to Earth. Scientists know where reefs are, but they still don’t know how many different types of coral are out there. NASA is trying to excite people by making a fun video game. Ved Chirayath and his team now have a camera, the FluidCam. It can be attached to very small drones to take close-up pictures of coral systems and make 3-D images! If you play NeMo-Net, you start by learning how to map limits and textures of lots if coral, organize it, and move around the reef. To level up, you have to do a good job with the level they are on. You will soon be able to play NeMo-Net on your I-pad or phone.

Personal Response: I chose this article because I thought it was really cool that scientists are able to play video games while they are researching because I love technology. What do you think of my article?