Colonial America Summary

Hi guys! It’s me. Now in school we have to post something about a passage that talks about Colonial America. Here’s mine:

In the passage “Colonial America” the main idea is that living in colonial times was hard. Every tribe spoke a different language and had their own way of living. When the Europeans came to the Natives’ land, they had a different way of living so that made it hard for the Native Americans. Native Americans also didn’t believe in what Europeans believed in. When more settlers came, they took native land. This caused arguments. Soon, things worked out and cities were made.

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The Important Book About Marco Polo

Hi! It’s me. Now I have an important book about Marco Polo. Here it is:

The important thing about Marco Polo is that he was an explorer.

He was from Venice, Italy and met Kublai Khan when he was 20,

Polo traveled 15,000 miles,

There was also a book about him called The Travels of Marco Polo,

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He traveled through China for 15 years,

But the important thing about Marco Polo is that he was an explorer.

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