Bye Bye Basketball

Children had another reason to be groaning at the start of the Heathcote Elementary school year. School officials had made a choice to withdraw the basketball court from the play area to make room for a new lunchroom. In addition, much of the field wasn’t as elongated as it used to be.

Some teachers have also been affected by this change. Due to construction, teachers have had to move into other teachers room’s. The spanish teacher, Senor Johnson, was even stripped of his room, for another teacher had to move into it.

“I don’t think it was very smart of them to do it over the school year.” Reports Noah Zoland, a student at Heathcote school. “It created a ton of problems that complicated everything.” Countless amounts of students agree with him on this topic.

Yet some students were fine with the change, because a new playground had been built to replace the basketball court. They seemed okay with it all, especially those who didn’t play basketball. It seemed like a fair compromise. And others were happy for the school because, even though they had not gotten a lunchroom, everyone later could enjoy it. It seemed like a small sacrifice for the greater good.

“I understand we had to give up a couple of things,” says Carly Kauffman, another student at Heathcote school, “But just think of all those others after us who’ll be able to enjoy the new lunchroom.”


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