Debate Blog

When it was our turn to present I was really scared. I didn’t want to and I feel like I was going to speak quietly. When I was not speaking I was so happy. But when it was I didn’t to be over here. But when it was over it was the comments. I thought it was gonna mostly be about me talking low. But it wasn’t. But there about 4 comets which said that I should speak a little higher. Now check out the debate video.


Post #6

This was so fun. My favorite is was when it succeed. I can’t believe we got to build something and make it do something.  The only annoying thing was that we had to do a a simple task. I wish we could just do it with our hands but we can’t. The things that I hate that it takes so long for it to work if you built it wrong. And the share. Thank you Thank you.

Post #5

When we finally finshed we tested it out we were so happy. The first went but then we realized posing a ballon would be to hard so changed it to knoking over cups. We couldn’t hit with only a marble so we are finding a ball with more mass. When we were seeing if it worked. Were on that spot for about 20 minutes. Then the second fail was terrible. The car just fell off. It took us about 25 tries. I was so happy that I could go home. That was so fun.

Post #4

Building was hard. I had to set up the dominos and blow a ballon. When I was seeing up the dominos it kept on falling. When there was one more domino I was shaking. And then It fell. I was so mad. That happened to me 5 times. And the ballon made me feel light headed. I felt like I was gonna pass out. My job was really hard so me and Noah switched jobs. Staking the cups was ten times easier. And when Noah was sexting up the dominos, he did it on his first try.

Post #3

Deciding the things was annoying. But we only argued a little.  First we were deciding who’s house. I wanted to go to my house and Noah wanted to go to his house. So we did rock paper scissors. First person to 3 wins.   We were getting ties for 6 straight rounds. and on the 7th 9th 10th Noah won. I got pretty mad. But he did win so yea. Next was supplies. Noah said that he will get the supplies. And next was building.