Rocketry Presentation

Today was our Rocketry Presentation.I was really nervous.There were a lot of parents.We were the last ones to present.When Flying Savages presenting  I was shaking.I didn’t want to go,I wanted to stay home.When it was our turn I was shaking.I felt really nervous.I never presented in front of anybody.I felt like I have Butterflies in my stomach.When I was speaking I was talking fast because I wanted this to be over.That wasn’t fun at all.But it was over sooner then I thought it would be.I was so happy that it was over.And now I don’t have to present for know at least.



Coding Post#4(Scratch)

My last is a pong game. This pong game wasn’t that easy to make. This is not that hard. And there is no score board. The way you play is you move the mouse and the paddle for the ball follows you. You can’t let the ball touch the red on the bottom cause if it does you lose. And Just enjoy cause there is not much left of the game. And you start the game by clicking the green flag.

Codding Project#3(Scratch)

MY third project is a bout the wheels not he bus go round and round. First you can a little fun. The the challenge is to get the bus to the  place you started at. The way you play is that you start by hitting the up arrow key. then when you think you got it you press the stop button on the upper right hand corener. And the chances are really low because it goes really fast. I tried this 34 times and I couldn’t land on it. But lets see if you can.

Codding Project#2(Tynker)

This Tynker project kinda weird.It is a derby face turning its eyes around that is why it is called google eyes. For the right eye you have to use the mouse. And it does have weird music. And the only point of this game is that it is a derby face which has google eye.

Codding Project #1(Scratch)

We were assigned to make 4 coding projects on Scratch or Tynker. I decided to do 3 starch projects and one Tynker project. My first coding project is actually bad. and so I decided to do one of my old scratch project and 3 new ones so it is less wok. Cause  who wants to do more work.This is my first ever codding project I have ever made. I made some changes but it is still bad. And if the place is at the volcano the just relod. And when you get to the volcano click the cat. And when you are playing this ‘game'(it is not really a game) just sit back and read the things he/she says. And when you are reading just rate it 1 out of 5. And it is bad but ENJOY!

How good was it? Not so good. That is what I thought. 1 out of 5 or maybe 2 out of 5.

Ignite Project

I din’t like the the sound of the ignite project because I am shy and I hate presenting stuff especially in front of people. But I had to do it because school is school. And  When it was my turn I was laughing the whole and then Mrs. Edwards said that you can go again. Then on monody I was just nervous and I couldn’t talk. Then tomorrow I was not nervous or I was not laughing but I was a little nervous. Because I was speaking low and you can barely hear but enjoy.