Interview and Site Visit

Today I had my interview. First we had to come up with 10 questions. My ten questions are

  1.  What got you interested in photographing landscapes?
  2. Besides landscapes, is there any other type of photos that you like to take?
  3. What was different about taking pictures of sandstorms?
  4. Which sandstrom photo (or any photo) was your scariest to take? Why?
  5. If you ever decided to take more photos of sandstorms, how would you prepare differently?
  6. How did the sandstorm affect you physically?  
  7. How did it affect you mentally? 
  8. Did you ever talk to other people who have been through sandstorms about your experience?
  9. What is your favorite photograph that you have taken?  Why?
  10.  Where haven’t you traveled that you would like to go and photograph?

First I thought this wouldn’t help but this helped me more than I thought.

My favorite question is how  If you ever decided to take more photos of sandstorms, how would you prepare differently? I like this question because it taught me the most. For example you put vaseline In your nose to stop the sand coming in your nose, wet a bandana, and to bring the GPS so you know how to get out. This interview helped me more than I th. This was a super fun experience ught

To Ellis Island

Today the fifth grade went to Ellis Island and it was the best thing ever! Ellis Island is The Origin of the Island. From 1892 to 1954, over twelve million immigrants entered the United States through the portal of Ellis Island, a small island in New York Harbor. Ellis Island is located in the upper bay just off the New Jersey coast, within the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. First we went on a coach bus. Which was longer than i expected. Then we got of  and went to the ferry and that ride was shorter than i expected .Now to talk about how it was. So first we went and right when we stepped in it was amazing. There was a lot of cool stuff. First we went upstairs and we went to the great hall where a tour guy was talking about stuff. Then next we went to go look around. After that we watched a movie and that movie was worse than expected. After that we ate lunch took pictures when back inside went upstairs and we got to see the dorm where all the immigrants slept. Then the most Exciting part of the strip and then we went to go look closer to see Statue of Liberty close. That took 45 min. Then we went back on the couch bus and watched a movie. That was one of the best day ever.

5th Grade Restaurant to Peruvian

Hello today we went to a restaurant in portchester and the name of the restaurant is Pollo a la brasa misti restaurant to learn how to speak espanol.We tried out different spanish foods. First we tried the Pollo Saltado. Is is chicken and rice. That was my favortite because thats All i can eat because the foods that i could it wasn’t the best. So the foods that were the best were the bread, rice, and Pollo saltado. And the rest of the foods were lomo saltado which had meat and rice, the tallarin saltodo de carne which had meat and noodles, pescado al ajo which is fish, ensalada de verduras which is salad, and last but not least the chicha moradawhich is a drink. I really didn’t like them but I did like the pollo saltado.