5th Grade Restaurant to Peruvian

Hello today we went to a restaurant in portchester and the name of the restaurant is Pollo a la brasa misti restaurant to learn how to speak espanol.We tried out different spanish foods. First we tried the Pollo Saltado. Is is chicken and rice. That was my favortite because thats All i can eat because the foods that i could it wasn’t the best. So the foods that were the best were the bread, rice, and Pollo saltado. And the rest of the foods were lomo saltado which had meat and rice, the tallarin saltodo de carne which had meat and noodles, pescado al ajo which is fish, ensalada de verduras which is salad, and last but not least the chicha moradawhich is a drink. I really didn’t like them but I did like the pollo saltado.