Article two- Test confirms source of coronavirus in China

The coronavirus virus which is deadly viruses have infected people and killed at least 81. This all began at Wuhan, China. Inside the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. Animals first had it then it had spread to humans. The market at been selling live animals such as wolf pups, foxes. They are responsible for the coronavirus virus. Schools in china got postponed until further notice. China ramped up its sweeping efforts to contain the virus Monday by extending its lunar new year holiday. They had to postpone some trains so there wouldn’t mass gatherings so people get the virus.

The gov of Shanghai had extended its new year holiday to February 9. Hong Kong had closed the bar entry and not let any travelers come in. People driving had been stopped to get their temperature to make sure they’re in good health. 2,744 cases have been reported by midnight on Sunday. A 9-year-old girl even had the virus. She was the youngest one. Private cars have been banned in Wuhans downtown. A huge building which might be finished next week. It has over 1500 beds.