Working On My Final Project

Working on my final project I thought there was gonna be a lot of work and there was. I was gonna do an ignite but I chose not to because every 15 seconds the slide changes and it would change would I didn’t finish. I also have to practice the time which would would mess me up. So that’s why i chose a TED TALK. When I was practicing it felt better because I could change the slide when I want to but i was still nervous. . Then we had to do a script which wasn’t hard. At the end it all worked out

Main Inquiry Question Essay

Did you know in Australia about $20 million dollars a year because of asthma and respiratory disease which is thought to be caused by sandstorms. Also, topsoil (the top layer of soil) is extremely important for crops to grow, so a sandstorm can cause lots of damage also dust all the way from the Sahara Desert is blown across the Atlantic Ocean. Sandstorms can do a lot of things. We are doing a capstone project. I choose Sandstorms we even had to make a main inquiry question. I choose “How do sandstorms affect people’s lives and health?” Sandstorms can affect people’s lives and heath. They can affect their health by, they can sting your arm, and sand can get into your nose and eyes, giving you asthma. Sandstorms affects people’s lives by forcing them to move away from the sandstorm, destroying their home, and blowing dust and gusty winds, making it difficult for driving conditions.
Sandstorms affect people’s health. Sand can get in the lungs which causes asthma. If you don’t know what asthma is, it is exposure to various irritants and substances that trigger allergies (allergens) and can trigger signs and symptoms of asthma. Asthma triggers are different from person to person and can include: airborne substances, such as pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, or particles of cockroach waste. The way to protect it from sand going in to your nose and mouth. Spencer Cox, a photographer, says to put a bandana over your mouth and nose so sand doesn’t get in it, also he says you can put vaseline under your nose and a little near the inside of it. The reason why you should protect your nose is so sand doesn’t get in your nose, if it does then it is really bad because you can get asthma and that is really bad for you. Wear sunglasses that protect your eyes because if sand gets in your eye then it is gonna be really bad for you. Also wear long sleeves because sand can sting your arm which is not comfortable. Blowing dust and gusty winds can make for difficult driving conditions. Dust particles can lead to respiratory problems, particularly for people with asthma. They can harm sensitive lung tissue, irritate the lungs, and the trigger allergic reactions, including asthma attacks. Exposure to dust in dust storms can cause coughing, wheezing, and running noses. Sandstorms can even get in your eyes which can make you not see that good.
Sandstorms can affect people’s lives by destroying there property and hurt people so when you see a sandstorm. Stay hydrated because fluids, especially water, are just as important during sandstorms. Remember to keep hydrated or even spray water on face and eyes if you come in direct contact with dust. When a sandstorm comes, it can be harmful to your health. Consider wearing a face mask if your outdoors Consider wearing a medical face mask or use a wet towel during sandstorms to prevent inhaling the dust particles. These are how sandstorms affect people’s lives. Other factors also influence the frequency of sandstorms, including farming and the abstraction of water. For many people, sandstorms are a part of everyday life. Asthma and other respiratory problems can add to underlying pollutions of air pollution, especially in urban areas. Human induced change is by far the most significant factor in the alarming increase of sandstorms in some regions. The impacts of sand and dust storms were described in terms of crop damage, soil productivity losses, economic losses, mass migration, health impacts, and impacts on climate.
There are a lot of ways sandstorms can affect people’s lives and health. For health they can sting your arm give you asthma and go inside you so that’s why you should wear a bandana, and put vaseline near your nose. They affect your the lives by destroying their home and sand getting in there vents and if sand goes inside you it gets hard to breathe. These some ways sandstorms can affect people’s life and health. I hoped you learned a lot from this and use these tips.

Interview and Site Visit

Today I had my interview. First we had to come up with 10 questions. My ten questions are

  1.  What got you interested in photographing landscapes?
  2. Besides landscapes, is there any other type of photos that you like to take?
  3. What was different about taking pictures of sandstorms?
  4. Which sandstrom photo (or any photo) was your scariest to take? Why?
  5. If you ever decided to take more photos of sandstorms, how would you prepare differently?
  6. How did the sandstorm affect you physically?  
  7. How did it affect you mentally? 
  8. Did you ever talk to other people who have been through sandstorms about your experience?
  9. What is your favorite photograph that you have taken?  Why?
  10.  Where haven’t you traveled that you would like to go and photograph?

First I thought this wouldn’t help but this helped me more than I thought.

My favorite question is how  If you ever decided to take more photos of sandstorms, how would you prepare differently? I like this question because it taught me the most. For example you put vaseline In your nose to stop the sand coming in your nose, wet a bandana, and to bring the GPS so you know how to get out. This interview helped me more than I th. This was a super fun experience ught

To Ellis Island

Today the fifth grade went to Ellis Island and it was the best thing ever! Ellis Island is The Origin of the Island. From 1892 to 1954, over twelve million immigrants entered the United States through the portal of Ellis Island, a small island in New York Harbor. Ellis Island is located in the upper bay just off the New Jersey coast, within the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. First we went on a coach bus. Which was longer than i expected. Then we got of  and went to the ferry and that ride was shorter than i expected .Now to talk about how it was. So first we went and right when we stepped in it was amazing. There was a lot of cool stuff. First we went upstairs and we went to the great hall where a tour guy was talking about stuff. Then next we went to go look around. After that we watched a movie and that movie was worse than expected. After that we ate lunch took pictures when back inside went upstairs and we got to see the dorm where all the immigrants slept. Then the most Exciting part of the strip and then we went to go look closer to see Statue of Liberty close. That took 45 min. Then we went back on the couch bus and watched a movie. That was one of the best day ever.

Capstone #2- Choosing Main Inquiry and Sub Questions

Choosing my Main inquiry question was difficult because  I had like 20. Then the next day we had computer and my teacher and the computer teacher were talking about our talking about out topics and when they got on me the computer teacher said that one of his friend was in a sandstorm. So I got an idea do do my main inquiry on how sandstorms affect peoples live.

Then when we had to do sub questions I got really nervous because I had a lot of trouble with the main inquiry question but it wasn’t so hard. I found 4 and answering them in about 17 minutes but then I had trouble with the last because I couldn’t find one. And it took about 23 minutes to find one and finding answering. But I’m glad it all worked out but the last one is not that good as the other ones.





#1 Capstone, Choosing a Topic

In class, we are doing a capstone project. My top choices were first: Fortnite, and natural disasters. My teacher helped me narrow down natural disasters, to my final topic, sandstorms.

So far, I’ve been thinking of creating a tank to represent a sandstorm. I think that my form of presentation will be an Ignite. I want to do an Ignite Presentation because I am very shy. I also will be recording it, instead of doing it live.

For the project, we need to come up with a main inquiry question and five sub questions. My main inquiry question is, how do sandstorms affect peoples lives(maybe)? I haven’t come up with the sub questions yet. I will do a little bit more research to give me an idea of my sub questions.