Flashlight Soldering Wires #10

The final part I had to do unit I would be done was soldering it took about a week until it was my turn and once it was the quarter would be over in three day which means the flashlight would be due. I was worried that I would not be able to solder in time unit it was my turn. When I soldered I was hard at first. Even though I soldered before. It took me almost the entire period but it was finally done. My whole flashlight was done except if the light did not work I would have to restart. It was the moment of truth and when I turned it on … IT WORKED! I was so happy. All in all I think this flashlight project of awesome and I had a lot of fun.

Flashlight Coloring #9

For my flashlight I did everything except solder my wires. So I put my name on the list for soldering. In the mean time as I was waiting in the line for soldering I decided that I was going to color and personalize my flashlight. At first I was making it a dark blue and light blue design and it was looking pretty good until I lost it. I had to get new pipes and everything. After I got back to where I was before I lost my pipes I decided to change my entire design. What I ended up doing is I made everything read except the bottom of it and the top this is what it ended up looking like…

Anyway I think this was my favorite part even though I lost my first one I think this one looks better.

Flashlight Wire Cutting #8

For the flashlight after we made the design we had to cut our wires. The way to cut your wires and make sure it is the right size is that when you make your design you draw the wires so you put the wires that you are cutting and a line it with your design and then you measure the wire that you cut but you have to add a extra inch to the wire. It was pretty hard for me because it was hard to a line it and make sure it is prefect and it took me about 3 – 4 days which is a long time. All in all I think that it was hard but it was still fun

Flashlight Designing #7

In class we are making flashlights for the kids stuck in the cave in Thailand. The point was to design a flashlight so that the kids would have a light there can be no holes because it has to be water proof. First you need to make a design was hard to make because the lines had to be straight and it had to be neat. And the hardest part for a lot of people including me was next to your drawing you need to label the real size of the actually pipe. You needed to measure the pipe a write down the size in inches. That was hard because I’m not very good at measuring. All in all I think it was hard but fun at the same time.

The Plastic Problem Movie #6

In class we watched a movie about the plastic problem and how it is killing animals and it is very bad for the environment. The movie focused on what people are doing to solve the problem about plastic and what you can do. What I found so interesting about plastic that I did not know about was that plastic that you could be using right now could last for thousands of years. And also people are so focused on the straws that they are oblivious about everything else that has the same effect on the animals. After the movie I thought what could I do but when I thought about it almost everything is packed in plastic so it is really hard to stop using plastic. All in all I think that it was very inspiring.

Thailand Cave Problem Movie #5

In tech class we watched a movie about a group of kids in Thailand were playing soccer and them and there coach went into a cave in Monsoon season and they got stuck in the cave. When their parents realized that they did not come home they started to call around and when they realized that none of the kids came home they called the cops and went out looking for them. They found outside of a cave bike and soccer cleats. Once they saw that they knew this is where the kids where. But there was a bigger problem ahead the cave was flooded. They called for help to get the kids out to anyone country who would listen they asked for special cave divers. Luckily the country’s listen and helped. It took a long time for one of the cave divers to find them. Once they found the kids they could have kept them in the cave until Monsoon season was over or you could cave dive them out which is very hard. So hard that a professional died trying to find the kids. What they did was swim the kids out and it worked. None of the kids died and neither did there coach. I found this movie so interesting and I was relieved when I found out none of the kids died. Overall I thought that the movie was very good.

Switch Game #4

We made the switch’s to play a game about electronic cars. The game was that two people would throw down cards and someone is is pushing down the switch if a red card comes a down you push the switch on the side that the red card is on. If there both red cards you push the middle switch and if none of them are red you don’t do anything. The point of the game is that you are a self driving car and if a red card comes up than it is supposed to be a thing in the way. So the goal of the game is to get everything right and if you get something wrong that means someone gets into a accident. All in all I think that the game was very fun!

Switch #3

In class we made a switch. To make the switch we used cardboard, hot glue and tin foil. You could make any switch deign you wanted and that allowed you to be as creative as possible. For my switch instead of doing something that everyone was doing I tried to do a something different. So for my switch I did a combination of what other people were doing and put it altogether. When you put the tin foil together and you connect wires to the tin foil the light will light out and that’s how it works. All in all I think that making the switch was very fun because all the variety of things you can make.

This is my switch:

Soldering #2

For Tech class my class had to make designs so that we can solder our favorite. Soldering is when you get a really hot thing of metal and than you melt another wire so it is like glue for metal. The catch was that we could only use 5 wires to make your design. For me this did not really make to big of a difference because I would not have made something to crazy when it is my first time soldering. All in all I had a lot of fun soldering!

This is what I made:

Breakout #1

One day when I walked into 6th grade tec the whole class was waiting outside because Mr. Calvert was setting something up. Once we walked in there was some music on and there was a timer on.   Mr. Calvert had to tell us what we were doing. He said we were going to play breakout. I did not know what that was so then he told us what it was. It is like a game where there are clues and you are working with your side of the room to solve the puzzle. I was very fun. We had to look all around and the hints where not easy to find. That was the fun of it. On the box we had to open there were three locks we had to open and then you win. During the game something weird happened. On both sides of the room both groups opened the box at the same time. Then Mr. Calvert said good job and told us to try and open the bonus box.  And if you opened it, it would give you a hint to open the big box. Because we had extra time so we did it and the other group got it open. All in all I really liked the breakout game I think it was every fun.

Breakout Box







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