Capstone #2

If you don’t remember from the last post, Capstone is a research based project. And right know I am really liking it right now!


Right now we just came up with a main inquiry question. A main inquiry question is a big question that is about your topic (hotels) that is not a yes or no question. It’s a question that you can not answer in one sentence. It’s a question you can answer with lots of research. I had a few choices to pick from. They were, “What has made hotels successful and what has affected their sales?” and the other one was, “How has hotels changed over time?” it did not take a lot of thinking for which one was better. I thought that the first one was better. So I showed to my teacher, Mrs.Cooper and she made a few tweaks to it. She asked if I was interested in researching, “What contributes to hotels success?” and I thought for a minute. Then I said yes realizing that it was the same thing.


After that you had to come up with sub questions. The sub questions are just to help you know what you want to research. But they all have to fit in with your main inquiry question. So as you can tell you can’t just make random sub questions that do not connect to your main inquiry question. The questions help when you research so that you know what you’re looking for. My first two came to me in seconds. And those were, “How do they draw people in?” and “What role has advertisement played in hotels?” the others took a while. It took so long I had to get my teacher aide to come and help me. It took her awhile then she said “How about you do, how does the location of the hotel affect their sales?” That was perfect. Then that she said another one “You should also do, how do they make sure that their customers will come back?” And that made me think what special things do hotels have that makes people want to come back. So I said “How does think pool add to their experience?” “Those things are called amenities.” She says. Then I should do how do the amenities add to the experience?

So I typed it in and she approved. But Mrs.Cooper did not. She tweaked the first one. She said that the first and second ones were to close together. So I changed it to, “How has service affected hotels sales?”


It got approved!

So that all that has happened so far so I will tell you what’s happening next during Capstone. But for Capstone so far I am really liking it. And I am excited to see what we have to do next.


Capstone #1

In my school and all the other scarsdale schools there is a end of the year project called capstone. Capstone is a big research based project. It is a two month project and it takes up a lot of your grade. The first step of the project is to pick a topic. Picking a topic for me was pretty hard because my first two choices were to broad so I had no narrow it down.

My top three choices was hockey, hotels and IMB. I decided to element IBM because I realized that I was really leaning towards hockey and hotels. And in the end I went with hotels because I did not know nearly as much about hotels than I did about hockey. For me it took a while because the day we started I had no idea and it took me a while to start coming up with ideas. But so far I think capstone is pretty good.






Immigration Project #4

For the final blog post of this project I think I did pretty well overall. There were some challenges overall but not much. The hardest thing was to make the script. I have no idea why it was hard but it just was for a lot of people in my class. For my final video I think I did pretty well. What was actually surprised with myself was that I talked really curly. What I did not know about until I already downloaded it was that you could really hear all the background noise. And think it really took away from the video.

If I could change something I would obviously change is all the background noise. But I would also change the pictures some pictures I found right away and I thought they were pretty good but now that I think about it there were probably some better pictures I could have found. I would also change how long some slides were. I got pretty boring it your looking at a picture for 10 seconds.


Immigration Project #3

My for spark video a video making app some things were hard and some things were easy. For example one of the easy things was adding text and pictures from the site. I think it was easy because before we started the project we went to the computer lab and there we learned how to do those to things. But was hard was adding pictures from google to spark. What I had to do was that I had to ask the class technician how to do it. What was also hard was to make a script. I actually don’t know why it was hard. All I know is that a lot of people in my class had trouble with it to.

I learned from this process of putting together a spark video slideshow and making it show someones story is things take time. I thought that I had nothing left to do so I left it for the last minute and it ended up taking me a while. And now I never underestimate the time things take.


Immigration Project #2

I interviewed my mom Celina. I recorded her on my phone. I think that it went fine. What really surprised me that I had not known about my mom was that when I asked her “Did it feel weird not to talk in portuguese?” She responded with saying “I was very lucky that when I moved here I already spoke English so I was very very fortunate that I felt comfortable with the English langue” I was surprised that she already spoke English. I did not know that I thought that she had to learn English here.

But as you would think there were some things I already knew. For example when I asked my mom “What foods do you like more?” in the back of my head I was thinking Brazilian foods obviously. And guess what she said “I love Brazilian food.” I think that because I knew most of what my mom was going to say kind of took a little bit away from the experience but it was not all that bad. I still had a lot of fun interviewing my mom.


Immigration Project #1

So for the next few weeks my class had to interview an immigrant. You could interview anyone that lived in another country that now lives here right now. You also had to make questions for that person. I chose my mom. I think it was a easy choice because first she could help me with the questions and make sure she could answer them. Also because I can interview her anytime I want.

Again it was easy to pick who I was going to interview but making the questions were pretty hard. I think it was hard because you had to have 10 – 15 questions. But my teacher (Mrs. Cooper) gave us a paper to get ideas off of. Unfortunately I did the questions before she gave us the paper so I spent like 30 – 40 minutes trying to make questions when the next day I revised them all. I think that’s why it was really had for me. But when I revised my questions it was much easier. I think that interviewing my mom really brought me closer to her because I’m learning about all these things she did and or had to do that I had no idea about.


Rube Goldberg 6

For a final blog post of our Rube Goldberg machine I had a lot of fun! There were some good times and no bad time at all. I think that my favorite part of the whole project was succeeding. I loved the feeling I got knowing that we finished way before everyone else. There was one thing that I liked the least (but is still not that bad) was the designing. I think I liked this the least because me and Tate were so excited to get started and once we did get started all we did was brainstorm but then we had to face reality. We realized that our ideas would never work. But there were some things that inspired me. Like from family guy the breakfast machine.

I learned a lot in this project. For example I learned teamwork with Tate. I also learned how to have fun while doing work. I had so much fun doing Rube Goldberg. I think is the most fun I will ever have doing school work. And that’s how my project went. And if you are interested in my video here it is:


Rube Goldberg 5

After planing, designing and succeeding on camera there is only one more thing to, make a video on wevideo. This step is important because you can’t just show a video to your whole class first without making it look nice seconded with no slow motion and third with no fails. So me and Tate HAD to do it. So one day we met up before a hockey game and I thought that we were done but it turns out we had to do that to so I was pretty surprised but because Tate had already started a little of it he taught me what I had to do. I was surprised that it took us only about

15 – 20 minutes (including so distractions) unlike our actual machine. But it did take a while to learn how to upload it to drive and to share with my google account but other than that it only took 15 – 20 minutes. I think that it would have been hard if Tate did not teach me how to do it because I forgot how to from class a few months ago. And that’s what it was like to do the wevideo.


Rube Goldberg 4

Me and Tate have been have been doing a lot of work together lately. We have already finished our plan and building so now we are testing our Rube Goldberg and it’s frustrating, very frustrating because first you have to put up the dominos and it ALWAYS FALLS DOWN. Also say something you know works because it worked before and it does not work the next time because you don’t place something right. Even once our Rube Goldberg worked but the hockey puck was not placed right so it missed the dorito. In all the frustration there were some funny moments like when everything was set up and as a joke Tate said “One more domino for good luck” and all of them fell down all we were doing was laughing and while I was laughing I made Tate fix it. We had to change a pretty good amount of our machine, like say two to three steps so it works. If you look down you will see the changes I made from the original.

(If you can’t the words, top one says “No track just more dominos” and bottom one says “No ramp, tube now”)

Rube Goldberg 3

Designing the Rube Goldberg machine was pretty fun. The process of what me and Tate did was that every Tuesday and thursday I would go up to his house we would work it was so hard to get the eight steps. I think that it was only really hard because we did not want to over use any item. We could not really like of much items that would fall under the category of old toys we used to play with and we used every one as much as possible without using it to much. Again the hardest part was to get eight or more steps but the second hardest part was to brainstorm materials that we could use that are not crazy.

To help us (my teacher) Mrs.Cooper gave the class this sheet that had all these links of cool Rube Goldberg machines. The most helpful one was definitely the Sprice one. It’s about this 19 year old boy who went on America’s Got Talent (TV show) and did this cool Rube Goldberg machine. Here is the link if you are interested:

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