Plant Observation #3



In the past 2 weeks my class pollinated are plants. If you pollinated a plant that means that you carried pollen from your finger onto hopefully onto the stigma which is the sticky part of a plant and when pollen and pollen mikes you get a seed!Knowing that my class found out that when we pollinated the flowers fell off and the stem got thick. Why do you think that happened? Well that happened because the stem is storing the seeds in the stem and the flowers are falling off because the plant already reproduced so it has no more uses.(This is my controlled plant the manipulated plant is totally dead.) Also if you want to pollinate your our plant all you have to do is touch each one of your plants to pollinate them. And there are ether pollinater’s ether than use, bats pollinate, ladybugs pollinate, hummingbirds pollinate, bees pollinate and even butterflies pollinate isn’t it cool how all these animals help the world and we don’t even know?


My groups plant manipulated is doing so bad that we just today threw it out in the trash. I thought why was it doing so bad? Could it be with the notes about it? I looked at the notes and I saw that on 5/19/17 it was ¼ of a inch tall, the soil was dry, 4 leaves and orange sproot but on the 22 all the plants were gone! It’s like someone stole all the plants in that quad (that were we put the plants in it’s called a quad because it has for sides and quad means 4) but someone could not have stolen my groups plants but then how did it get missing? I think the sugar water did it because that did not happen to the controlled plant and my group just gave it water, so it has to be because of the sugar water but why would the sugar water do this to a plant,a plant reproduces on sugar though why would the sugar water kill the plant? It does that because plants don’t reproduce on normal sugar it reproduces on its own sugar called glucose.




My controlled plant is doing great! But the weird thing is that on 5/23/17-5/25/17 there were some brown leaves but why. Well we know that in the fall the leaves change color so we got our solution but it’s not fall so why would the happen? Could it be too much sunlight, because when we get to much sunlight we get tane and that’s close to brown. But plants can’t get too much sunlight so why would some of the leaves be brown? I found out that in leaves there’s something called chlorophyll with gives the plants leaves the color green. And when it gets cold the chlorophyll runs out and so brown yellow and orange are the real colors of a plant.   




My 1st prediction about my plant is that more leaves would fall off because I already pollinated our groups controlled plant and because I used to have 24 leaves but now I have 5 leaves left. My 2nd prediction is that the stem will get thicker because the plant is going to make more seeds if not already done. My 3rd prediction is that my plant is going to grow even more if we replant the plant because it’s a brand new fresh seed and because the plant was doing good and it is healthy. My 4th and last prediction is that my I think plant will start having wet soil because it has been happening for the past 3 days.   

This is my manipulated plant.
This is my manipulated plant.