Colonial America Book Reflexion

I really liked the colonial america book project. But it takes a long pross to do it. For example 1st you have to do so research for 1 week or 1 week and a half, then you have to organise your notes for chapter 1 (All about colonial times) and so you know what you are going to write, then you have to write your 1st draft for your chapter 1, after that you have to organise your notes for chapter 2 (All about Colonial School), then you write your 1st draft for chapter 2,  after that you organize your notes for your chapter 3, then you write a 1st daft for your chapter 3, I know you’re thinking how many times is this kid going to say the same thing well 1 more so just hang in there. Then you write your 1st draft for you chapter 4, now you type it, after you typed at least a good amount of your book then my teacher read it and made some comments, then you have to finish typing, then look for pictures and last you organize it all in your book. It’s a lot of work we had to do (as you can tell) and my teacher wanted it done she said in 5 or 6 weeks. Thats why to finish you can’t talk or you will never finish.

I think that my favorite part of this project is doing the research because in that short part of time all my teacher said was get your book and go research and when you did research you had a lot of independent but for the other ones my teacher kept telling us: you have to do this because _________ or she would say: how you do _____ is ____________ that’s why I liked doing the research the best but I also really liked doing my chapter 3.

I think the most challenging part for me is organising the notes putting them on flashcards and gluing them in to the organiser. This was the most challenging part for me because you had to make a big distigon of what you want to put into your book.

I liked doing my chapter 3 because on my chapter 3 you had cud add a lot more creativity to it. For example on the chapter 3 you get to make up the plut the problem etc. You’ll see that once you read my book and that’s all I need to tell you I hope you read my book and like it very much and I hope you know how much work I put into this project.

I learned about myself as a writer that I never stop until I know it’s perfect. I released this just now because this project is very big and when ever I had the chance to reread it I did.

I learn about myself as a reader is that I’m really interested in colonial america school. If it was not for this project I would never think of even looking at a colonial america book.

If there was 1 thing different I would have done is to get a little more information about school in colonial times. I would do this because I think I could have some more information.

Thank you for reading this summary about my colonial america book I hope you like my book!

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  1. I really liked your colonial book I learned a lot about a school in colonial times and colonial times. I also liked your images.

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