Desert Ecosystems



Deserts are very important to the world. Many people think that there are not many deserts out there. If you think that then you’re very wrong. Deserts are so popular that they are found in every continent except Europe. Deserts are located everywhere, but the most famous desert is the Sahara desert. In the Sahara desert and many other deserts there are many producers, consumers, decomposers and more!

Some producers in the desert are cacti plant, melon, flower, prickly pear, desert sand verbena, Mojave desert star, kennedy’s mariposa lily and the desert pea. Now here are some consumers in the desert there are scorpions, spiders, Roadrunner, antelope, snake, fox’s, golden eagle, Gila woodpecker, cactus wren, desert locusts, ground beetle and lizards. Here are some decomposers (I have Very little information) termites and mushrooms.

Deserts are unique because many people when they think about deserts they think of a place that’s hot and that not many animals live in but both of those statements are wrong deserts can be hot or cold and that many animals live in it like I listed up above.