Rocketry Reflection


Rocket Number one:

Rocket number one was interesting. The best part of rocket number one for me was the launch and getting to named our rocket group (The Space Grandmas). The launch was fun for many different reasons. One of them is that my groups rocket went the highest. It went 177 feet. Another reason that the launch was fun that good feeling you get when you do good in something. And I got that feeling when my group’s rocket blasted off the launcher so high. All the other parts were fun to accept for the designing. I was not so fun. Same with the inspiration board. But the only fun part about designing was how to see how our design choices affected us in the launch.

Rocket Number two:

Rocket number two was so much better than rocket number one. I think it was only better because we knew what worked and what didn’t. Again the best part was the launch. Even though our rocket did not go as high I think we liked it so much because our parents watched that launch. I like designing rocket number two much better than designing rocket number one. I think it was better because we work much better together as a group. But there was only one more difference that I did not say that we did in rocket one but not rocket two. That is we did not make another inspiration board. I was fine with this because it was not my favorite part. 2051

Rocket Number three:

For rocket number three all we did was the designing part which you know is not my favorite part. But this time it was a lot of fun because we were not going to launch just design so my group had a lot of fun with it. For example we used four fins on each side so that’s a total of eight fins and that’s a lot of fins if you ask me. We thought that if we used no tape the fins would be our drag.   


I think in the end my groups rocket did great it was very hard along the way but in the end it was worth it to have the highest rocket in the 1st launch. Look below to see my slide show turned out!

`This is our video of our presentation!