Capstone #2

If you don’t remember from the last post, Capstone is a research based project. And right know I am really liking it right now!


Right now we just came up with a main inquiry question. A main inquiry question is a big question that is about your topic (hotels) that is not a yes or no question. It’s a question that you can not answer in one sentence. It’s a question you can answer with lots of research. I had a few choices to pick from. They were, “What has made hotels successful and what has affected their sales?” and the other one was, “How has hotels changed over time?” it did not take a lot of thinking for which one was better. I thought that the first one was better. So I showed to my teacher, Mrs.Cooper and she made a few tweaks to it. She asked if I was interested in researching, “What contributes to hotels success?” and I thought for a minute. Then I said yes realizing that it was the same thing.


After that you had to come up with sub questions. The sub questions are just to help you know what you want to research. But they all have to fit in with your main inquiry question. So as you can tell you can’t just make random sub questions that do not connect to your main inquiry question. The questions help when you research so that you know what you’re looking for. My first two came to me in seconds. And those were, “How do they draw people in?” and “What role has advertisement played in hotels?” the others took a while. It took so long I had to get my teacher aide to come and help me. It took her awhile then she said “How about you do, how does the location of the hotel affect their sales?” That was perfect. Then that she said another one “You should also do, how do they make sure that their customers will come back?” And that made me think what special things do hotels have that makes people want to come back. So I said “How does think pool add to their experience?” “Those things are called amenities.” She says. Then I should do how do the amenities add to the experience?

So I typed it in and she approved. But Mrs.Cooper did not. She tweaked the first one. She said that the first and second ones were to close together. So I changed it to, “How has service affected hotels sales?”


It got approved!

So that all that has happened so far so I will tell you what’s happening next during Capstone. But for Capstone so far I am really liking it. And I am excited to see what we have to do next.


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