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Curiosity Project – Arctic Animals

In 4th grade most people had to do something called a Curiosity Project. A Curiosity Project is something that you can do a project on what ever you want to do that project on.  You can do it on google slides, a poster or you can print it out and do it on paper. I did my on google slides!

I did my project on arctic animals because I loved animals and my favorite animals are for the arctic so I thought I would give it a try. I loved researching arctic animals I hope you like my slide show!

This is my curiosity project:

Fidget Spinners

Moms and Dads you might be thinking “what are those spinners and how are they cool?” If you read this, you will understand that those things are called fidget spinners. Fidget spinners are so cool and fun because it just feels good to use one. If you have a fidget spinner ¬†people will think you’re cool. People will ask to use your spinning and you start being nicer as a person. Let me explain, your kids will start to let ether use it and they can make friends. And I think you want your kid to make friends right? So buy your kids Fidget Spinners now. (Mom and Dad get me a spinner!)