Capstone reflection

Capstone is almost finished and  I have so much to say about it. This experience has been great and I learned so much that I did not know. On Monday we presented for the first time. A few class’s came in and watched but different people preformed for each class. I was with our buddy class and another class in that grade. When I preformed I could feel myself getting nervous. But then looked at my teacher and looked at my friends and that helped me calm down. When I was preforming I sometime’s looked down at my card even though I did not need them, I don’t know why I did it, I just did. Then I started getting nervous so I skipped over some parts, but it was okay because it was subtle so nobody noticed. Then  was the time the parents came to see them. I was in the auditorium with a few other people. I had a shirt that was from Dylan’s Candy Bar and wore it. The biggest thing I learned was there  is way way way more to the brand then just the product,I knew that there was a brand behind the product but I did’t know how many people it took or how hard and complicated it is. I also learned that i really like food, I had really good experience with performing and I am supper happy how it turned out.

This is my final presentation. I know it’s a little hard to hear but I hope you enjoyed.

Graphic Novel

In class we have been reading and writing graphic novels. We started by a reading teacher named Mr.Debarry coming in every week and talking to us about graphic novels.  Then reading them with our book clubs and taking notes. We did that for quite some time. Then our teacher said that we were going to be writing one. After that, ideas just kept on flowing through my head. Then I came up with the idea I came up with. I started drawing and coming up with the story as I went along. This was not working. I am not a very good drawer so this was so hard for me. I decided that I was going to write the story first and then the drawings. The process was long and hard. I went through many pieces of paper and broke many tips of pencils. But I am supper happy and proud of what it turned out to be hope you enjoy.

Interview and site visit- Capstone

Now since we are much farther along our process in the capstone project we have to think about site visits and interview’s. For my capstone project I am researching Do Cookie Dough, Dylan’s Candy Bar,Baked By Melissa, and Baked in Color. I at least wanted to have 1 interview. For me Baked In Color was pretty easy to get a interview with because she is my friend’s mom. The person I interviewed was Julie Waxman, the owner of Baked In Color. I went to her house and she answered all of my questions and repeating thing’s so I could  type it. She also showed me logos, what the cookies can come in, and her way to package it, she also showed me her products that were going out. Julie was so nice and gave me some treats to take home.  I learned that color was super big and that was why she created Baked in color. I also learned that she had trial and error and her first attempt’s were not pretty. you will see some of her product in the picture below.

This is a cookie tube that has 30 bit size cookies, one is $15 and for 4 it’s $50. then there is a small cookie bag with 5 classic sized cookie’s for $6 you can get the bag in bite size and mini.

These are her new product called slutty brownies. they consist of cookie dough, brownie and oreo’s. these individually are $5 for one and as a cookie pie it is $40

These are her stickers that she puts on a lot of her products.

This a large cookie jar that is outgoing. this is $50 but you can get it in small for $15 and medium for $25

I am still trying to get a interview with somebody from another brand to and have been trying very hard sending emails, calling and more. I do plan to go to all the places for my sight visit and I am super excited.

Today is Wednesday May 23 and I had the best day ever! As your read before what I was researching, you know that we need to have a site visit and interview. For me this worked out great. Even though it took a LOT of work to get a interview with people it was worth it. I got a interview with Dana Rodio the vice president of  communication and events for Dylan’s Candy Bar. This was so great because I tried so hard to get one. Then today I went into the city with my mom and then we went to all of the places. First we went to Dō cookie dough. I got a scoop of dunkadoo and my mom got a scoop of sweet and salty. they both were so good. Then we asked if Kristen was there and she was she then came down and I spoke to her it was insane. We took a few menu’s so I could have them for my final project. We also bought a 8 oz container to go and cookie bites. The flavors we got were so good. Next place we went was Dylan’s Candy Bar. This was my favorite of all of them because this was my favorite place since I was so little. I bought  a ton of things there, and took so many pictures. At first it was so overwhelming because there was SO much candy. Then we had to go to or final stop Baked by Melissa. This shop looks so clean and slick because the cupcakes make the walls pop. We got 12 cupcakes and asked for extra stickers, They were so nice and gave me 45  extra if not more stickers. Overall this was such a good day and I am so excited for the final presentation.

Spanish Restaurant-Field

Yesterday my grade and I went on a field trip to a Peruvian Restaurant called Pollo A La Brasa to sum up our Spanish learning that we have been doing for the past years. To prepare for this trip, in spanish class  we were learning what the dishes we were going to be getting what they were called and how to order them. The dishes were served family style and there were four different dishes plus arroz(rice) and a tea(I did’t like very much). The first dish was lomo saltado( steak and fries and vegetables) , personally I did’t like it because I do not eat red meat but if you did it looked and smelled very good and I know a ton of my friends said it was their favorite. The next dish was pollo saltado, this one was my favorite because I love chicken. This one was the only one I ate but it was so good that I did’t mind. The next dish was a fish dish I do not eat fish and people at my table did not seem to like it as much as the others. The last dish was a meat dish with noodles it seemed good but I did not try it. Overall this trip was a great experience and I am so happy that we got to sum up our learning by this trip

Final Passion Project- The Flu

This is my passion project. I wanted to research the flu because my sister passed away from the flu. In the slideshow you will learn about how my parents created an organization, a first hand experience, strains and symptoms.

Hope you enjoyed and learned something!

Capstone- Picking A Topic, Main Question’s And Sub Questions

In 5th grade we have a huge research project which is called capstone. Capstone is where you chose a topic you LOVE and then you research it for two whole month’s. After you have your topic you have to think of a main inquiry question.

Picking a topic for me was pretty easy since I knew what I wanted to research since 4th grade. I new I wanted to research Dylan’s Candy Bar. This was something I knew I wanted to do for such a long time because I loved going to Dylan’s and always wanted to learn more about it ever since I was little. I always wondered why it was so interesting to me and wondered how it became The candy store that everyone wanted to go to. I was researching Dylan’s and trying to come up with questions. I also was looking for resources and there weren’t very many. I then talked to my teacher and she said to me ” when you run into a wall during research what do you do” she then told me to think about thing’s related to Dylan’s and then I realized there were so many places like Dylan’s so I decided to chose three more of the places like that. I chose Do cookie dough, Baked By Melissa and Sugar Factory. I came up with my inquiry question witch was “How does Dylan’s Candy Bar, Do cookie dough, Baked By Melissa and Sugar Factory market so different but alike at the same time? Now since I have my inquiry question I need sub questions. So far These are my questions.

Who is their target audience and has it changed since they started their business. what do they do to  target that audience?

Was there anything that they have in common that help them transform their idea into a successful company?

I am still working on some more but as of now I am very happy where I am in the  and I am very excited to see where the final product takes me.

Science Project

Today  in science we worked on water filters. (If you don’t know what a water filter is it is something that can remove contaminants and  bad microbes from dirty water.) We have been thinking and learning about water filters for quite awhile now but today we got to make our own. This was very interesting to see the very many different ideas that every group had. This subject about water filters fit right in because we recently read a long walk to the water by Linda Sue Park. This book was about Sudan in 1885 and 2008 and the struggle of a lost boy named Salva who’s town had been under attack and he was forced to flee. He was without family for very long and everyday was a struggle to survive between the food ,water and fighting. The 2008 part was a partially made up story but with a true baseline. This was about a girl who had to walk very far to fetch only the slightest bit of dirty water. Which  later on her town received help from some men to make a water filter. It turned out to be  grown up Salva who decided to go back to towns in sudan and help make a water filter for the people so they could have good clean water.This gave us inspiration to create our own filters.

In class we got split in to groups, my group was Audrey and Leo. First after we got our groups we read saving Salila’s turtle. We would stop at points in the book to talk to each other about what types of pollution and where it comes  from, then solutions. This was just the beginning. We kept on doing small little projects like this but during this we realized lucky we are to be available to clean water. Then we got a mysterious liquid that we had to guess,which we would soon have to filter.There was bottle A,B,C.  We then had 3 filter items we could filter it by. One was a screen, we didn’t think this would work very well because we the holes were to big so all the contaminants would go through and it wouldn’t help. The second filter was paper coffee filters. We thought this filter would work more than the other ones because it had smaller holes and there were many stacked so it would be stronger. The last filter was the sand and gravel one, we thought this one would work okay but not the best. We thought this because the sand particles were very small and we thought they could easily slip through the gravel. We soon got bottle A and then started testing. First the screen we were right it worked the least. It didn’t catch very many or any. Then we tested the paper filter it worked better but still there were some microbes and contaminants in the water. The last one we tested was the sand and gravel one. We had to pour the gravel in first then the sand. This one worked the best. It got most if not all the contaminants out. We were very happy with this one.

The next project we were going to do was to make our own filters. My group and I were really excited and immediately started discussing our ideas. We made a list with our whole class of priorities of this filter and then with our group had to choose 4. My group choose 4 but we really thought about safety first. We at first were going to make a cone out of popsicle sticks but realized the hot glue was filled with chemicals and the wood was not safe either. We then started brainstorming more and more and decided to create the design. We decided to put sand and gravel first then a coffee liner then mesh with gravel. This filter worked pretty well but there were still a whole lot of contaminants in the water. Then we kept on filtering more water with the same filter. Then we made a different design. This was gravel then sand then cotton balls then coffee liners then more cotton balls. Then we did a double filter and we kept on trying to make it lighter and lighter in color. ( there were different bottles 1-5 1 clear and 5 completely filthy and polluted) We were so excited because we got it down to a 1.5.We worked so hard and it paid off,we created a good working filter.

These are the bottles 1-5. As you can see 5 is the worst and 1 is the best.

Stop Motion

Today my group and I finished the filming part of the immigration project and started the voice over. During this we came across a lot of problems. We ran into the problem when we were filming and did  not know what to do with the characters. Then we ran into the problem when doing the voice over. The problem was to say the whole script it took longer then we anticipated. We did not have enough filming footage as we needed. and so we had to say the script really fast, but then you couldn’t understand what we were saying and it seemed very odd. As of now we are going to duplicate some of the scene parts but we still don’t know how long it will be in the end. Also we do not want to be the last ones to finish again like rube Goldberg because that does not feel the best when you are last.

A Long Walk To The Water


In class our teacher is reading A Long Walk To The Water by Linda Park to us for our read aloud book. It has some very heavy topic and shows very many character traits about what it’s like to be a leader.  The story  of Salva is a true one about southern Sudan in 1985, he goes by “bit by bit,one day at a time”. This book also makes us think about how  lucky we are to live in this nice town. To think about how each day was a struggle to survive there between food, water, fighting and way more and when at a restaurant if our food order comes out wrong we send it back and make them redo it, or if we get a little bit of bread crumb in our water we ask for a new glass of water when they drink muddy gross  water, just to survive. 

In the book A Long Walk To The Water, Salva and uncle are leaders.  We have been talking about quality’s of leaders in class and a quality that I thought of was  kindness. This may not seem like the biggest quality but it really is. They show this quality in many ways one being sharing there food with the whole group. This group is very large with about 1500 boys with only 17 teen year old Salva as their leader. Still he shares all his food equally with them and when the little boys get tired he makes the bigger boys carry  them on his back.This take true kindness because with out the food they would not survive. If the older boys did not carry the younger boys on  there backs when they get tired the younger boys may not have made it. Another quality is determination  If Salva did’t have determination and decided to quit the others most likely would have followed along. but thanks to Salva they did’t give up they were determined to make it to a new refugee camp.

Overall this book has taught me that I just need to take things “bit by bit” and things will happen. I know I will think a little more when I take long showers and waste food and water.  know I will learn to take things bit by bit.

Immigration filming day two

Today was the second day of filming. We chose to take new footage to use in the movie. We added paper to the sides of the pizza box so when people watch it they won’t see cardboard. We also had a better understanding off how to position the characters in a way so they don’t look like paper even thought they are. We also made sure to time our selfs saying one paragraph of the script. We tried this many many times because we have a couple of scenes and we don’t want the movie too be too long. we also had to figure out the movement to make the characters do.