A Long Walk To The Water


In class our teacher is reading A Long Walk To The Water by Linda Park to us for our read aloud book. It has some very heavy topic and shows very many character traits about what it’s like to be a leader.  The story  of Salva is a true one about southern Sudan in 1985, he goes by “bit by bit,one day at a time”. This book also makes us think about how  lucky we are to live in this nice town. To think about how each day was a struggle to survive there between food, water, fighting and way more and when at a restaurant if our food order comes out wrong we send it back and make them redo it, or if we get a little bit of bread crumb in our water we ask for a new glass of water when they drink muddy gross  water, just to survive. 

In the book A Long Walk To The Water, Salva and uncle are leaders.  We have been talking about quality’s of leaders in class and a quality that I thought of was  kindness. This may not seem like the biggest quality but it really is. They show this quality in many ways one being sharing there food with the whole group. This group is very large with about 1500 boys with only 17 teen year old Salva as their leader. Still he shares all his food equally with them and when the little boys get tired he makes the bigger boys carry  them on his back.This take true kindness because with out the food they would not survive. If the older boys did not carry the younger boys on  there backs when they get tired the younger boys may not have made it. Another quality is determination  If Salva did’t have determination and decided to quit the others most likely would have followed along. but thanks to Salva they did’t give up they were determined to make it to a new refugee camp.

Overall this book has taught me that I just need to take things “bit by bit” and things will happen. I know I will think a little more when I take long showers and waste food and water.  know I will learn to take things bit by bit.

Immigration filming day two

Today was the second day of filming. We chose to take new footage to use in the movie. We added paper to the sides of the pizza box so when people watch it they won’t see cardboard. We also had a better understanding off how to position the characters in a way so they don’t look like paper even thought they are. We also made sure to time our selfs saying one paragraph of the script. We tried this many many times because we have a couple of scenes and we don’t want the movie too be too long. we also had to figure out the movement to make the characters do.

Immigration first filming day

Today was the first learning day or day for filming. My group and I are not completely sure that if we are going to use the footage we took today or not if we do or do not use it, it was a great learning experience though. It was very hard to make sure that the angle was right and since we wanted our people to move around we decided to attach string so we could move them around without having our hands in the movie. Another hard thing was making the people do something so they weren’t just sitting there for 30 or more seconds.

Rube Goldberg#6

We are now finished with our rube rube goldberg. we faced so many challenges and ended up changing our goal so man times. our end goal was to put  an alka-seltzer in water, this fit right in with the flu season. We changed the very end to wear  car was on a train track the car had the alka-seltzer. Then there were two jenga blocks behind it and then the same steps as before. So when the dominos hit the jenga block it hit the car witch then went down the track that then flipped the alka-seltzer in a cup with water waiting at the bottom. Our first test of this was on 72 we did a dry run (no water) first and it worked. We did’t have extra alka-seltzers so we had to make sure it would work. Then we put water in the cup. the first time with water and it did not work. but it was okay because it did’t work in the beginning part not the end. finally on our 74 0r 76 the alka-selter landed in the water. we were so excited and happy that it finally had worked and all our hard work payed  off.

Rube Goldberg#5

We are now even farther in the project and we are still experimenting with what will have roll down the ramp. we have tried many things, one being an avocado but that  was way to heavy and would not hit the stamp and the ramp could not support the weight of the avocado. So we then decided to use an orange instead. This weighed less and still could stamp it down but it did take extra work. At this same time the first part witch was the train part that was working so smoothly just stopped working. This was such a set back because, now we have to figure out how to make the train work again. We also decided to change where the orange drops on the stamp because it was not high enough and did not have nearly enough force that it needed. We also changed the dominos to jenga blocks because the jenga blocks were way easier to set up, this was a big help. The only time we used dominos was at the end witch we added on. What we added on was the last domino had a string attached to it. Then the string was attached to another domino on top of the table witch then knocked over dominos that then knocked over a jenga block that then hit the orange witch then fell down onto the stamp witch was on a tall jenga box.

Rube Goldberg#4

Rebekah, Mia and I have now been working on our Rube Goldberg for a very long time now. It has change so many times and we finally have decided on what we are doing for sure. We are now 100 percent sure we are stamping a stamp on paper for our end goal. This took a lot of time to figure out how to make something fall on it to make it stamp. This was close to impossible because that object could not be to big but it couldn’t be to small either cause then it wouldn’t be heavy enough. Plus we spent so much time making a step that leads up to a ramp where something rolls down, we needed to find something that was not to heavy for the ramp but could still be heavy enough to make the stamp work. This was so hard. During this we had some breakdowns and fights, and sometimes we got completely off topic but still we were confident that we were going to make this work.

Rube Goldberg#3

Now at this time in the project we have developed a lot from the start. Our project is going fairly well, but we have decided that we are going to change our end goal, because we realized that it was going to be too messy and would most likely not work. But since we loved the beginning so much we kept it. We have decided that we our going to use the last goal, witch was to put a stamp on paper.  We went with stamping a stamp on paper. We thought this would be a great goal because it was easy but would take some good brain work. Here is our machine’s first steps, first a marble gets pushed  by our hands down a rapping paper tube that then at the end hits another ball witch then goes down the car racer then hit’s  a train midway and then the  train hit’s  dominos and goes under a tunnel witch hit’s more dominos and then the ball finishes and then the train goes down some train tracks that lead to dominos. Thats all we have done so far but our project is going fairly well.

Rube Goldberg#2

In this process of the project we decide to chose an idea and start building a base to our project. We chose to pour sauce and cheese onto pasta. We then started fiddling with some old toys Mia had. Instead of making a design first like we should, we started building. Mia had a great car racer thing that we decided to use. We then based all the other steps on that car racer. The second step was to find  a chair and place some toys that could have a ball roll down a tube then the  car racer. After that we to figure out what step to do next. We were trying our hardest to find the best thing for our machine. We wanted it to be amazing  At this same time we were thinking about our end goal and were doubting it, because we were looking at all the toys and junk we had and we did not see anything at all we thought could work. We then started thinking about the mess it probably would make and we just really started thinking do we really want this to be our end goal and is it smart for us to waste time on this end goal that we most likely will change.

Rube Goldberg#1

These past weeks we have been working on rube Goldberg simple machine projects. If you don’t know what a rube Goldberg is, it is a simple machine that does something simple. But instead off it taking one step like it would if we used a body part it takes many more steps. The hardest thing is that you can only use a body part at the first step the rest it hast to do on it’s own.  The first step to do was  pick partners, my friend Rebekah and Mia and I  decided to become a group. We second step was to decided on what days we were going to meet. We finally after going over everyones activities decided we were going to work on it on Saturday and if we needed more time we would work on Friday. Than we figured out whose house we were going to do it at, When we were deciding we had to make sure (A)it would be in a place that a had room,( b)would be safe,(C)  had some old good toys we could use. We then chose Mia’s and started coming up with ideas. One was to make instant Mac and Cheese, we really liked this idea at first and then started thinking more about the steps and that we could only use our hands once, we decided to keep that in the back of our heads though. Another Idea  was to pour cheese and sauce on pasta. but again like the mac and cheese we thought it would be too hard and probably quite messy. Another was toothpaste on a toothbrush this was a good idea but we really did not want to do it because Mia’s sister used that for hers. Lastly was to put a stamp on paper we thought this was a great idea and so this was one off the very top ones on our list. This was the first step of our project.


It’s that time of year again. The HOLIDAYS and break are here and The new year is just around the corner. What holiday do you celebrate? Christmas, Hanukah,Kwanzaa. I celebrate Hanukah, we get one gift per day instead off all our gifts at the same time. But thats not the point of the holidays. To me the holiday means I get to spend time with my family. And go away to a nice and warm place usually. This year I am going to Mexico with my moms side of the family. I am really excited to be in the nice and warm heat since here it is so cold. I am super excited to swim in the pools and go to many new places I haven’t seen before, I also hope I can get my hair braided. well happy holidays and stay safe, have a great new year !!!!