Technology Post #10

We are continuing our automata. In this right now I have to make my cardboard ferrari. Before that I had to make a big wheel and then cut it out. Before that I had to make my cardboard box and then put the cardboard corner pecies. It was really fun. I have really enjoyed my time in technology.

Technology Post #9

Today we are making and we learned about a automata. An automata is a box where when you spin a handle the thing at the top moves. I am doing a ferarri at the top and the handle is a car key. When you spin the key the car at the top moves left to right and up and down. This is really super fun and I look forward to see the outcome of this project.

Technology Post #8

Today we learned how to saw a tube. This is how you do it. First you take safety goggles and then you take the black things and put them in the hole so the tube is secure. Than you take the saw, make sure it is straight and then saw the tube. This is how we made the tube part of our flashlights.

Technology Post #7

Today I am going to tell you how I made my circuit. First you have to take a positive wire and connect it from one side of the battery to the light bulb. Then you take a shorter wire and connect it from the switch to the other side of the battery. Then you take another short wire and connect it from one side of the switch to the other side of the light bulb.

Technology Post #6

Today I finished my flashlight by putting my soldered curcuit in my flashlight. First I had to drill holes where the switch and light bulb then I had to solder the curcuit. And then I had to put the curcuit in the flashlight. It was really fun and then I had to take a picture of it and I got to take it home.

Technology Post #5

This week we are making a flashlight in technology. The story behind this is that a while ago a soccer team got trapped in a cave and we are making flashlights to help them. We have to make a diagram to plan our flashlight. Then we have to have it approved by Mr.Calvert. And then we put the cuircits in and then we build it.

Technology #4

We learned about atoms and circuits. Basically the atoms are the particles that make up everything. Circuits are things that are circular and they make  the electrons pass through the circuit. It is pretty cool and it has been a theory that has evolved since ancient times.

Technology Post #3

Today we are doing solder people. This is where we use wire to make people. I thought this was very cool. How it works is that you put the solder gun on the person and then put the solder on and it literally makes metal glue. There is a lot of danger involved though. It gets up to about 800 degrees f!

Technology #2

A lady came in at technology to talk about ivory. To make jewelry people use ivory from elephants. This is very cruel and this lady uses a nut from the rainforest. The specs and size are almost exactly the same! This is an alternative way that is not so cruel. She came in during Human Rights Day.


This week in Tech we are learning about self-driving cars. We learned that self-driving cars have to think and act like humans. After this we are going to make switches where we flip a playing card and whatever color it is we turn on the corresponding switch. We also learned that self-driving cars have a lot of pros and cons. One of the pros is that in theory you could multitask. One of the cons is that their have been a lot of accidents involving self-driving cars.