Launch Reflection #2

After our first launch we were very proud of ourselves, but we had to make one variable change to our rocket.  My group (Apollo 20) decided that our variable change was going to be to change our fins of our rocket and make them better. We decided to just take all our fins off and start them over. First we had to take a vote if we were going to add more fins, take some fins off, or just make new fins and keep the  same amount of fins. The majority of the vote was to take away one fin. Since we had 4 fins before we changed anything now we would have 3 fins. We decided to only have 3 fins because we thought it would have an effect on the spin of our rocket. Once we made our fins we hot glued them to our rocket and it looked brand new and a lot better. Once it was time to launch I wasn’t as nervous as I was on our first launch because I already did it, but I was very concerned about the weather. It was very windy, cold, and cloudy. I thought this would have an effect on our rocket because of the wind. Once we were on the field I started getting a little bit nervous. It was our turn to launch and it was getting more windy by the minute. My job for launch 2 was the countdown. I screamed at the top of my lungs clinomitors ready.And then I did the countdown. Brandon pushed the button and once our rocket launched I got a little upset. Because our rocket did not go high at all. I think this was because of the weather conditions. My group and I were a little upset but we knew that we tried our best.

Cold summer treats (with Mia)

Ice Cream ice pops frozen yogurt too

all these treats make miss summer

how about you?

Hear that truck coming down the street

cold treats!

Ice cream!

they shout and scream

“mom mom!”

“I need a dollar or two

I’m gonna get some ice cream

do you want some too?”

ice pops ice pops what a wonderful treat

hope it doesn’t melt in the heat

fro yo fro yo

some sour some sweet

you are one of my favorite frozen treats

Spring Poem

It’s time the sun comes

It’s time the bees come

It’s time the flowers bloom

It’s time to go on the trampoline

It’s time to not were a jacket

and it’s time not to get a cold

It’s time for Spring

having picnics every week

but our water still might leek

but we can still play hid and seek

jump jump jumping all day

I think this is the season when we play

birds come on!

butterflies come on!


It’s Spring time!

It’s time the sun comes

CU- Finland

To find our research  first we went to the school library, then I went to the Scarsdale Public Library and I found 3-4 books on Finland sowe had a lot of research. Then we look on databases for some more information.We wrote about the five Cultural Universals such as Politics, Social  Aspects, Economy, Beliefs, and Cultural Arts. The title of our comic book is called Finland because the comic book is on Finland. My favorite part of this project was finding the information and making our characters. The challenging part of this project was making all the animations.


Colonial America – pt 1 – Overview

In class we are studying  colonial america. Our teacher split us up into groups of 8 and we had to work together to create our own colony. We had to pick jobs, rights, laws, and so much  more. We also had to name our colony and do research for our jobs. And we made a charter, map, and more things. All of this created us a  colony. But we are going to have to face some challanges for example if there is a native american atack and we are going to have to work as a team to get through the problems. This also may be a chalange because some of us because some of us have trouble working together.

Colonial America – pt 2 persona

My name is Katherine Hanna Jones and I am 7 years old. My mother died while she was giving birth to me, fortunately I lived sadly my mother did not, my father was very upset when she died. When my my mother died my father and I inherited her money and we decided to catch the ship to New Forestine. Once we were on the ship I asked my father if he could homeschool me and he said yes. (I do not go to Dame school.)After the long ride my father and I lived on a farm because my father is. Ever since we moved I have been helping by father on the farm and doing my regular chores again such as turning the butter, feeding the animals, and helping my father on the farm. But one day on the farm one of our goats were playing and it accidentally bit my fathers leg off. So he went to the doctor and the doctor gave him a wooden leg. He was in a wheel chair for a while but eventually he could walk again and be a farmer. And now we work together again. My job includes working on the farm with my father, making food, making my bed, cleaning the house and so much more. I will try to be the best daughter I can be. I am trying to keep my colony as a success by doing my job and helping other people and more. And no matter what problem my colony faces I will be there to help everybody.

The Worst Restaurant I have ever been to.

Have you ever thought if there was a restaurant  that was so bad that babies could make better food than the own restaurant ? Well I have been to one of thoes kind of restaurant. Starting in Cape Cod with my whole entire family and the waitress comes over with a glass of water, but the glass had lipstick on it! So we were all grossed out by the glasses. After the gross moment the waitress came over to take our order so we told her what we wanted. After a while our waitress came over and was holding all of our food. When I took my fist bite of my order it tasted disgusting, and every one in my family thought so to. Later we all were like “this is the worst restaurant we have ever been to”!

CU post

A cultural universal have five topics Politics, Social Aspects, Beliefs, Cultural Arts, and Economics.

The leader of my house is my dad. The rules my dad has is to be safe for example we are not allowed to open the door for a long time because our cats could get out. One of the laws that affects my family is speed limits, it effects my family because if you go past the speed limit you will get a ticket. The school I go to is called Heathcote, I go to school about 30 hours per week. My favorite subject in school is reading. In school, the specials are Spanish, PE, Instrumental Music, Library, Art, and Music. In third grade we get chromebooks and we get kindergarten buddies. I live with my dad, my brother, and my Au Pair. On birthdays we celebrate my birthday with parties, presents, and special meals. I like to play games with family or friends.

Plant post #2

After two weeks the data for our controlled  plants was cell one had 4 leaves 3 buds and 10 cm tall, the second cell had 10 leaves and 5 buds, the third cell had 9 leaves 10 buds and was 11 cm tall, our fourth cell had 4 leaves 10 buds and was 8 cm tall. In each cell the plants were yellow and green.

In our manipulated cell one was dead, cell 2 was dead and call 4 was dead. But cell 3 had 18 leaves and it was l3 cm tall. Most of our cells were dead because the was less soil.

I think our plants died because there was less soil and the plants did not have all the minerals it needs to grow.

Plant post #1

First we added wick on the bottom of the quad a wick is a paper root. Then we added soil in the quad. A quad is a foam box with cells in it so you can plant plants in them. Then we added three fertilizer pellets,  fertilizer pellets are seeds that can help the plant grow. Finally we added seeds in each cell. Our scientific question was what is the effect of less soil?


This is my group’s plants.

On the first day that our plant started growing in cell one it had 4 leaves and it was 1 and a half cm tall, the second cell had 4 leaves and it was 1 cm tall, the third cell had 4 leaves and it was 1 cm tall, the fourth cell had 8 leaves and it was 2 cm tall. As our plant grew we noticed that our plants started getting taller and soon enough buds came up. After a while we noticed that our controled grew flowers, the flowers were yellow but as the plant grew it started tilting down. In that quad the cell 1 had 9 leaves and was 4 cm tall, cell 2 had 16 leaves and was 11 cm tall , cell 3 had 10 leaves and was 10 cm tall and had 8 buds, cell 4 had 11 leaves.