Capstone Post 4 – Site Visit

One of the requirements for capstone is to do a site visit. I just finished up my interview with the Dallas World Aquarium Zoo, but was not able to do my site visit their because of the fact that it is in Dallas. Due to this, my parents took me to the Maritime Aquarium! You might remember from my previous post that this is where I was originally planning to do my interview. Even though it didn’t end up working out, they were still available for my site visit and nearby. The way that I found out about this is because I was trying to find out who to interview by typing keywords into the search bar and I came across the Maritime Aquarium. I was curious as to where this aquarium was so I looked it up and found out that it is only a half hour away. I then took a mental note (and a literal one) that this place could be good for my site visit, even if they weren’t available for the interview.

Some of the biggest attractions are the seals, touch pool, jelly fish, and sharks. But we weren’t here to see any of those. I was drawn to the Maritime Aquarium was because of their experience with the axolotls. Now of course I couldn’t help but attend the other exhibits, and it was worth it! II watched the seals get fed, went to the touch pool where I pet the sharks and stingrays, checked out the dragons, and felt the jelly fish! The aquarium was amazing and full of a lot of extremely interesting information.

This aquarium was also extremely organized. Because of this it didn’t take long to locate the axolotls among the rest of the amphibians. The axolotls in the tank weren’t fully grown but were still very large for a salamander large. They were about seven inches in length. That’s longer than a teaspoon! They also swam exceptionally fast. I wasn’t sure as to exactly how fast they went and I found out that they are able to swim at a speed of up to ten miles per hour! That’s faster than a walking child, and keep in mind how much smaller the axolotls are!

There were also signs next to all of the tanks that explained about the animals and about all of the threats to that species, if there were any. The signs that were positioned next to the axolotls taught me about how pollution and reservoir drainage had affected the axolotls over time. They also informed me about what some of the axolotls many properties were and even how some of them worked! It was like capstone wonderland, even though I’m realizing that sounds a bit creepy…

I believe that making these site visits essential to the final product of capstone is a terrific choice on the teacher’s part. It was both informative and really fun! I am really looking forward to the road ahead and presenting this project! This has been a fun experience so far and I’m ready for the next step.

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