Adobe Spark II

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles! Today I will be talking about Adobe Spark again.

Well, I just created a info graphic. I had so much fun making it. As spark says,” If you can dream it, Spark can do it. ” It’s really gets a breath on using spark.

Anyways, I would greatly like to show you my created Info_graphic.


My latest creation on Spark! The link in bottom part of the Info_graphic. This is the video of my Rube Goldberg.

Spark can be used for a lot. Some of the things it can be used for is, Instagram posts, flyer’s, stories, videos, and just about everything else you can think of.

That’s it for this post folks!

Adobe Spark

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles! Today we will be talking about a new platform called ” Adobe Spark “.

We got introduced the platform on March 6, 2019. This platform can be used to create videos, social posts, graphics, and so much more.

I first made a Instagram post, it was fun. I thought it was pretty easy to use. I would like to show you the Instagram post.

Here it is:

I found it fun and interesting to make. If you would like to use Adobe Spark, please visit, ” “.

That’s it for this post folks!

Rube Goldberg – Final Reflection

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles! today we are going to talking about my Rube Goldberg.

And, yes, it is over. We have finished the video, the contraption, and this is the last blog post.

I ended up doing 8 blog posts instead of 6. The reason why, well, I wanted explain more, but not cram it into one post, instead of spreading it out. My Rube Goldberg was mainly physics, small, way smaller then anyone else. I wanted to keep it simple. Me thinking that, simple was small. I WAS wrong.

This turned out to be the most complicated project I think I could have done! It took 93 tries before the whole thing worked perfectly. The 92nd time when it did work, I did something very lame. VERY, VERY, VERY Lame. I put the ball down the run, It fell backwards, I caught it. My hand then hit the wooden run, and activated the rest of the contraption.

The one time where it works, is where I mess up. Then the next time It did work, fortunately. I totally regret doing something as complicated as this. But, at least it worked, and at least it’s different. When it finally worked, I felt all the stress leave me at once.

I realized way to late, that maybe making a bigger contraption would have been better and cooler, but I forgive myself.

Anyways, I feel proud of my work. I would like to show the video for my contraption in this final post.

This is the end of the Rube Goldberg series.

Here is our video:

That’s it for this post folks!

BTT ( Bash The Trash )

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles! Today we are going to be talking about the Bash The Trash assembly that took place at Heath-cote Elementary School.

The main purpose of the assembly was to teach the kids how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle clean ” Garbage “. A secondary purpose was to teach the kids that garbage can also be turned into musical instruments.

During the show, there were 4 performers, Katelyn, Roen, Ryan, and Ean. Each of them had a talent. For the commencement of the show, Katelyn and Ean both had different instruments, Katelyn had a barrel, used as a drum. Ean had a garden hose attached to a ketchup bottle to create some kind of horn. They categorized that instrument as the French Horn. 

The point of this show was to teach us about loops. They had to tell about the science behind it, then . . . things were pretty elemental. We enjoyed hearing what you can make of trash, and learning the 3 R’s meaning.

That’s it for this post folks!

Rube Goldberg – Collaboration With A Partner

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles! Today we are going to be talking about collaboration with my partner for Rube Goldberg.

During the course of Rube Goldberg, Madeleine and I enjoyed collaborating together on the project. We both liked the idea of working in a pair.

Well, I feel working with a partner made life a heck of a lot easier. First, you don’t have to be responsible for everything with the contraption. Secondly, you can construct your project quicker because they’re four hands assembling the contraption, instead of two. Most of all, being solitary means you have to think of the whole contraption. In this case, I found it so much easier to be with a partner .

We also found that gathering materials was much easier. I did get more of the materials than her. The contraption was built at my house, so that did leave more of the responsibility on me. I knew it would be at my house, but I hoped she would take it.

I ended doing the majority of the project, the video, building it, taking documentation, uploading lots of photos and videos. That’s about all.

Overall, I think our project is good. Not the best, but I like it.

I feel like I got taken advantage of somewhat.

That’s it for this post folks!


Rube Goldberg – The Ending Of Our Simple Machine & Video Work

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles! Today I am going to be talking about The Ending of our Rube Goldberg Machine.

The ending will feature dominoes putting momentum towards a marble, which will travel down a tube, also a (pipe). The pipe / tube will complete the contraption. Well almost, It will directly put the marble into a plastic cup which will be waiting at the bottom to receive the marble. That is the actual ending.

We didn’t really come up with a very complicated ending, we wanted to make sure things were kept simple.  The ending might change, but this is our current plan. We are very satisfied with what we managed to complete.

Now for the video. We have to create a detailed video to show to our class and teacher as the Rube Goldberg assignment. We have to create a video explaining the design process, and how we worked in partnerships, what methods we used when our machine failed, because we can’t bring the contraption into class.

The video will explain all about the contraption, the task, trial and error (if occurred) and the steps of our machine, leading up to the task which it is supposed to complete.

The video has a limit of 5 minutes. We have a lot of work done of it so far. So far, our video is 2 minutes and thirty seconds, and we’re trying to make it at least four minutes maximum, so we still have a lot of work to do. 5 minutes tops, as you can see, we have very high expectations in our project.

Our video also includes video clips from our machine tests, fails, and accomplishments, and we have captions that explain what’s happening in the video.

In the beginning, we added in pictures of our sketch and a few pictures from the first stages. Lots of captions and especially lines of writing to tell about all of the captions we put in.

Also in the video, we explained just how if one step didn’t work, the whole contraption wouldn’t work. This is because Rube Goldberg machines is corresponding to ” Chain Reaction ” and ” Simple Machine “.  A chain reaction and Simple Machine is basically, one thing does something to another thing, which does something to another thing, which completes the task that the Rube Goldberg machine is supposed to complete.

We only included the clearest video clips, the ones that had detail to the contraption working and not working. Only the ones that demonstrated the exact clips in precise ways.

That’s it for this post folks!

Rube Goldberg – The Sketch Museum

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles! Today we are going to talk about my Rube Goldberg Machine Progress. Mainly, the sketch museum, that took place on 2/14.  We finally finished our sketches! They took ”Forever”.

On 2/14, Our Class, 5R, decided to have a sketch museum.  Everybody in the class had to have a drafted sketch by 2/14.  During the time, I, Andrew, and all the other classmates went around viewing other kids sketch’s for there own Rube Goldberg contraptions.

After we analyzed them, we left comments. The comments were to tell the person kind feedback and things they could possibly improve.

When we visited the other persons, we had to see whether it was clear, if it contained step numbers, if you could tell the beginning from the end,and of course if the contraption made sense.

Some of the sketches were curled, so we had to tape them down. We used pencils to adjust the sketches minority, just for any last minute verification.

At the end of the sketch museum, we looked through our comments and thought about them to see if they were accurate. We put them into our science notebook and went on from there.

At the end of the day, all the sketches then got collected, and checked by our teacher. We all hoped for a good grade on them!

That’s it for this post folks!

Rube Goldberg – The Continuation Of The Building Progress

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles! Today we are going to talk about my Rube Goldberg Machine Progress. The construction, and how it is working overall.

The string that was attached to the hamster wheel is where we are going to be continuing from. That string is going to pull a block away from a marble run. The purpose of the block is to stop the marble from just rolling down the marble and going on elsewhere.

On 2/14, we found out that the table we built the contraption was slanted. It was a good thing, and a bad thing. The good thing is that it made it easier for the contraption to work. The bad part of it was that first built it on the higher side which resulted in us having to rebuild it. This relived us because it cut some of the struggles that were involved.

Even after every minor adjustment, we had to test it again and again. This was so we could make sure that it all worked out. To see if we could transform it better. We had to evaluate a few bits and pieces, switch some blocks around, and make sure the overall result worked.

That Marble will hit dominoes. There will be 14 dominoes in a straight line. We needed to add 14 approx. because there was extra space on the table that we wanted to use. We didn’t want to leave it bear.

I feel this part was a tad bit easier, but still not ” EASY.” As I’m doing more, I’m getting more used to it. So I am liking the process of it a lot more.

That’s it for this post folks!




Rube Goldberg – Beginning The Making of Our Simple Machine.

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles! today we are going to talking about my Rube Goldberg machine progress.

They beginning of our construction went smoothly.  Except for the fact that every time someone bumped into the table or hit the floor, the dominoes would fall. One of the more frustrating parts.

When we first thought of building it we were absolutely confused on how to construct it. Then after I made the marble run, things went much more smoothly.  We were able to build the first steps in a matter of seconds. We lined up the 8 dominoes.

Then I tested it. I didn’t work first try, but that’s what I planned. I knew that there would be a lot of trial and error.

After that, We attached a string to the last domino. The purpose of the string was to put momentum towards the hamster wheel, which is the next contraption. We planned on just using a hamster wheel with a stand. But unfortunately, We had to attach it to the outside of the hamster cage. So we decided that the contraption would be hamster themed.

To finish off the first part of the building, We attached the second string. Which will pull a block away from a inclined plane. ( With Marble Run Cut Out ) .

If this didn’t work, I would be very frustrated. Which I already was, I mean, with the consistent fall of the dominoes. Also, the marble traveling down the run then falling on the floor and rolling away!

I feel the first part of the contraption was very difficult. Especially since I haven’t really done any projects recently that really have anything to do with ” Rube Goldberg “, or ” Chain Reaction “.  I’m looking forward to what will happen next, but I can say the frustration level is high.

That’s it for this post folks!

Rube Goldberg- Objective Of Our Simple Machine

Hello and welcome to Andrew’s Articles!  Today we are going to discuss about our Rube Goldberg Machine progress.

Me and My partner Madeleine have been working endlessly to try to figure out how to get this machine to work.  At first we have to come up with a plan to work off of, Also known as our “Sketch”. Which unimaginably is done. Which of course involved lots of trial and error.

To start it off we will have a marble going down a marble run, which will bump into Dominoes. The final one in the line will fall off the table with a string attached. The domino will transfer momentum to hamster wheel, from the it’s force. We will also have another string attached which will pull a small wooden block away releasing the marble from a marble run. It is in the position of a inclined plane.

Furthermore, The marble with knock into 14 dominoes, The final domino will activate another marble that is waiting to go down a tube, ( Pipe ). Next, from the tube, the marble will have direct path into the cup waiting below.  That is the planned end of the contraption. We hope we will succeed. I feel confident that me and my partner Madeleine will be able to make this work.  I have put a lot of effort into this work!

That’s it for this post folks!